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20+ years experience (in market highs and lows)

Proven, Consistent High Quality Results

sort style and stage are a premier provider of home staging, property staging and virtual staging services created from over 20 years of property developing and home staging experience, through market highs and lows.  We also provide refurbishment and interiors services.

We've consistently delivered high quality results across London, the Thames Valley and across the UK not only on our own property developments but for our clients.

Our services deliver real value for our clients, whether you have an investment property, this is your current or forever home.  


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Our tailored, personal service means we treat your property as if it were our own

Our incredible service means we create desirable spaces cost effectively and quickly

Our Services And Products


Home &  

Property Staging

Our range of home and property staging services will transform your home or investment, so it stands out for the right reasons to attract potential buyers or tenants and do so quickly.

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Virtual Staging

Our virtual staging services will transform your home or investment digitally, so it stands out for the right reasons to attract potential buyers or tenants.


If you're trying to attract your buyer or tenant and your property is dated and does not meet today's buyer or tenant expectations (and this involves more work than staging), we will renovate so you can sell or rent and achieve the highest return on your investment. 

Renovating a House

Settling In

Whether you're moving domestically or internationally, our settling in service means you'll arrive at your new home and everything will be packed away, including your food, your beverages, your flowers and your pet food!

Donation Boxes

Proudly based in the Thames Valley And Serving London & The UK

We are based in Maidenhead, just a stone's throw from Windsor. Being just 20 minutes away from central London by train, we are never out of reach.


We provide our property staging services to our Thames Valley community and further beyond - our virtual staging services mean we can help you wherever you are in the UK or abroad.

Want to discuss your project or find out how we can help?

Whether you know exactly what your needs are, you’re looking for independent advice and guidance on how to maximise the value of your investment or home, you're looking to turn your current home into your forever home, let’s talk!

We'll arrange a complimentary 30 minute consultation at a time to suit you (video or phone call)

Modern Interior Design

Furniture Collection

Whether you are looking to stage your property yourself or want to create your forever home, we have furniture solutions for you.

Refurbished Kitchen


If you are living in your forever home and you need help with your interiors, or exteriors for that matter, you've come to the right place.

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