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Service Accomodation


If you are looking to make the most of the ever growing service accommodation market, advertising and attracting bookings can be a daunting process. Your success relies heavily on the way you present your spaces. 

Allow us to help you create a successful business by creating a desirable space for your visitors, with all the necessities' needed for a holiday let. We even provide professional photographs for your listing.

Think of it as an investment for you. Our knowledge of property, space planning, dressing and advertisement will allow you to achieve the maximum yield for your space - you'll be booked up very quickly!

This service uses both interior and staging skills. We provide you with our recommended bespoke furniture and accessories suitable for letting, and come to the property to set the room exactly how it needs to be, before it is photographed for your advert.  We can also guide you if you are refurbishing your property by showing you how to achieve the highest rental yield with our considered interior design expertise.

Before and Afters

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