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Black Wood Barn


 Trade Liason


Home Staging


3 Days

Initial Valuation



Less than 1% of property value


Sold in 1 day

£205k added to property valuation

Client had rented property for a number of years.  The previous tenant had significant possessions and many animals and the property was not well maintained by the tenant.

After the tenant vacated, we visited the property and recommended an extensive list of repairs, which our client was reluctant to initially undertake.  This included repairs to broken windows, complete décor due to the extensive wall and woodwork damage (inside and out), repairing leaking gutters, seal leak in glass roof as well as extensive gardening.  We shared previous case studies with our client so they could see the tangible benefits we could deliver.  They relented and went ahead with the works.  They employed their own trades although we worked regularly and closely with the trades to ensure the relevant work was progressing as required and quickly.  Once the repairs were completed, we staged key rooms within the property to keep the client's overall investment to the minimum.


Property sold in 1 day with an additional £200k+ over original valuation achieved!



Ceri of sort style and stage has been really helpful and skilful !


She is enthusiastic, positive and dynamic! She is honest in her opinion and cares about her clients and aims to do her best to help to present clients’ property in the best light and style!


Our house has benefited from her excellent input and would recommend her …

Y Oii

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