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Property Staging 

Are you a landlord, developer, investor, estate agent, conveyancer, wealth asset manager, relocator, or other commercial entity that sells, rents or manages property?

Achieve the best return on your investment with our commercial property staging services.

Property Staging


Although you may have built an amazing development or have a high quality property portfolio, 80% of buyers will struggle to visualise themselves in a property which is not staged. To overcome this, properties need to be staged in order to sell or let.

Based on our 20+ years of property developing experience as well as our work for our commercial clients, we know first hand that staging is vital to maximise GDV or your monthly rental yield 

Property staging can be used and adds value in any situation - in empty shells, in dated shells and when your tenants/clients are in-situ.

Staging sells buyers a lifestyle both inside and out, so buyers and tenants alike can visualise themselves in the property. This often results in a higher number of offers and more quickly than if your property is left empty.

Staging costs on average 1-2% of the property value but the ROI is typically 8%+. This is much lower than any price reduction that you may have to consider to secure a sale or let.

Apartment Building

Commercial Property Staging adds value in a number of ways:


Increase Interest

Average click rate improves by 139%

94% of estate agents say it increases number of viewings

Buyers spend longer at viewings

Sell Quickly

Typically 70% quicker than non-staged properties

Sell For More

Typically 8%+ more than non-staged properties


Increase Interest

Average click rate improves by 139%

60% more viewings

Tenants spend longer at viewings

Rent Quickly

Typically less than 7 days

Higher Rental Yield

Typically 10 - 30% above average rental yield

Our Staging Services

Your safety is our priority and our commercial staging services comply with government and industry association guidelines.

Virtual Staging Consultation

Connecting virtually, wherever you are, our virtual staging consultant will understand your commercial property staging needs and then recommend suitable staging services.

This is a 30-minute no-obligation virtual staging consultation for all prospective commercial staging clients.

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging in all its forms is a very swift and cost-effective solution to draw in buyer and tenant interest.

We deliver three virtual staging services:

  • virtual staging - we furnish and accessorise your property. 

  • virtual renovation - we renovate wall colours, flooring, add kitchens and bathroom fittings as required.  We can even remove furniture, kitchens and bathrooms.

  • working from architect plans - we will create renders, both inside and out.

The furniture and accessories we use in the Virtual Staging can be used in Property Staging and can also be purchased by the end client if they are looking for convenience and to mirror the lifestyle they will be fall in love with when they look at the virtual images.

Property Staging Consultation

Our property staging consultant will meet you at your commercial property and do a space by space walk through to identify your staging needs. This is the most effective way to start the process towards maximising the value of your commercial property for sale or rent. 

Luxurious Kitchen
Luxury Bathroom

 Property Staging

We'll plan, prepare and stage your commercial property for sale or rent. The staging includes sourcing furniture and accessories (either on a competitive rental or purchase basis). If you’re looking to use our Virtual Staging service, we can ensure that the furniture and accessory pieces used in those virtual images are also the ones used in the Property Staging.  The furniture can also be purchased by the end client if they are looking for convenience and to mirror the lifestyle they will fall in love when viewing the virtual images.

As part of our property staging service, we will tackle the red-flags that would otherwise put off prospective buyers and tenants. We present your commercial property at it's best, inside and out.
Once we've completed the property staging, we recommend you showcase your property with:

  • our high quality images from our professional property photographer. 

  • our 3D 360° Tour (using industry leading technology)

Our commercial property service is highly beneficial for a range of property types including show homes from apartments to luxury residences, offices and other commercial buildings. By choosing sort style and stage you will benefit from our extensive property staging experience and the advice and expertise from one of the leading staging companies in London and the Thames Valley.