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Gregory House, Beaconsfield



Home Staging



14 Days

Initial Valuation



Less than 1% of property value


For Sale

Our client has lived in their 7 bedroom, 8 bathroom three storey home in Beaconsfield for over 10 years.  Their children have left home and they are looking to downsize to a smaller home.  Our client wants to sell for the highest possible price and knows that to do so, they needed help with repairs, sorting, styling and staging.  They reached out for our help.

The first step was a detailed consultation to assess what was needed to elevate the presentation of our client’s home.  There were a number of rooms which had no purpose eg. one was being used a box store although had the potential to be a really good sized bedroom.  Another large room had multiple uses but the use of the floorplan meant that these uses were overlapping so the specific use of the space to buyers would be unclear.

We recommended the following:

External Repairs & Maintenance

  • The front facing apex fascias had peeling paint.  Given this was almost the first thing that buyers see when they approach the driveway,  we recommended that the area was sanded, filled and painted.  Given that access to the apex was an issue as there was a canopy about the front door which is immediately below this apex, we used a cherry picker. 

  • Some of the slabs near the entrance way were loose.  These will fixed.

  • The fountain was clogged so was cleaned out.

  • The slabs were discoloured so were jet washed.

  • The front gate had pealing paint and cracks so was filled and stained.

  • Access to the garden was blocked through one of the French doors, so we reorganised the area to improve accessibility and flow.

  • We relocated the bbq and other pieces to appropriate locations and to do that, we cleared out overgrown areas.

  • The flooring and first floor glass balcony was jet washed to entice the buyers to spend time in this area

  • The render was cracked under the door threshold so this was filled and painted in black


All of the above changes are necessary to create the first best impression for buyers. 

Internal Repairs & Maintenance

  • There was many walls and a number of ceilings with cracks, so we filled, sanded and painted these. 

  • There were larger cracks in the primary en-suite.  The wall colour choice also dated this incredible space.  Once the repairs were done, we freshened the entire space with a light coat of paint.

  • A number of the tiles on the front of the bath in the family bathroom were loose, so we removed, cleaned off the adhesive and then stuck back on and grouted the area.

  • We removed existing silicone and then added new silicon to a number of bathrooms



A number of rooms were not presented in the best way when considering buyer needs.  Given the size of the property and the likely needs of the buyer, we can up with an innovative floorplan so the home appealed to the widest buyer audience.  This means:

  • A room which was used for storage was turned into a young child’s bedroom.

  • The room which had been used for several different purposes – watching tv, listening to music, reading, storage and a gym was set up as an entertainment space.

  • The gym equipped was all relocated into the new gym.

  • An empty area in the open plan was turned into an additional designated seating area

  • We relocated a number of the client’s furniture to more suitable locations within the home


Deep Clean

  • The bathrooms very finished to a luxe standard however a deep clean was necessary to make them truly shine!




This property was furnished to a high standard although was missing a number of key furniture pieces.  We added complimentary furniture pieces, including accent chairs, bar stools, children’s bedroom furniture, coffee and side tables.  In addition we accessorised this large home throughout so there was a consistent and coherent design style.  Accessories included bedding, throws, cushions, artwork, mirrors, rug, lamps, kitchen, towels, toiletries and décor pieces.




We completed this project by taking our usual high quality images.  These are necessary to truly showcase the potential lifestyle on offer to our clients.

The end result is a home which has clearly defined spaces and flows consistently.

Ceri, our founder, was at the home when the estate agent as well as the first buyer turned up.  Their reaction was “wow” as they walked in through the front door.  This  reaction says it all!

This fabulous home is now for sale.

Sort, Style, Stage- Beaconsfield new-143.jpg


Comprehensive and efficient repairs, decluttering and presenting my house for sale.


100% positive responses to viewings.

D Morton

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