Homeowners: Staging A House For Sale

Maximise your chances of selling your home for the highest possible sale price quickly with our home staging service.

Securing a quicker property sale while ensuring that your valuable asset achieves the highest possible sale price is the result that we strive and consistently deliver at sort style and stage.

Home Staging For Homeowners

sort style and stage are one of the leading companies that stage houses for sale throughout London and the Thames Valley. Our staging services will help you stage your home, achieve a higher sale price and sell quickly.


Presenting Your Home For Sale

The way we live in a home is very different to the way we should present our home for sale, or at least it should be if you want to maximise the value of your home.

As the legendary Barb Schwarz, the inventor of home staging says:



90% of buyers search online first and a home has 3 seconds to connect with a buyer!

Staging enables this by creating a stylish home so potential buyers can emotionally connect and in turn visualise themselves living in your property.

For the average UK property, valued at £320,265, home staging typically adds 8% to the value, equal to £25,621 profit. With home staging costing on average 1-2% (and significantly lower for virtual staging), the investment of £3,202 is well worth it. This investment is much lower than the any price reduction that you may have to consider to secure a sale.

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Staging adds value in a

number of ways:

Increases Buyer Interest

Average click rate improves by 139% and 200% for virtual staging

94% of estate agents say it increases viewing numbers

95% of people are more likely to call estate agents about homes with 3D virtual tours

Buyers spend longer at viewings

Sell Quickly

Typically 70% quicker than non-staged homes

Sell For More

Typically 8%+ more than non-staged homes

Our Home Staging Services

Your safety is our priority - our staging services comply with government and industry association guidelines. We constantly review and revise our guidelines in line with government and industry association guidelines.

Virtual Home Staging Consultation

Connecting virtually, our virtual staging consultant will do a room by room walk through with you to identify your home staging needs. We will follow this up with your action plan. You can then implement your action plan or we’re here to do this if you need help.

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Virtual Staging

If you have an empty or partially furnished or partially renovated home, our virtual staging service works best for you. Choose us to benefit from the services of one of the best virtual staging companies in London and the Thames Valley.

All we need are high quality photos of your rooms and we can digitally add furniture and accessories.  We can also virtually renovate your rooms by adding kitchens, bathrooms, flooring etc.  The result is high quality, life like images which will attract your target market.

Virtually Directed Staging

If you want to maximise the presentation of your home and you're not yet comfortable with allowing visitors into your home, we can help with our virtually directed staging service.
We will direct you to make the necessary changes, in real time, using what you have. We can also source any additional staging pieces and accessories to enhance your property’s presentation.

3D 360° Virtual Tour

Our 3D 360° virtual tour uses the industry leading digital solution, Matterport. This allows buyers to experience your home online like never before - the innovative technology means that buyers can immerse themselves with a 360° virtual walk through of your home at any time, day or night, wherever they may be.

This is the perfect way to showcase our home staging.  It has so many benefits and overcomes any safety related concerns you may have.

 Home Staging Consultation

Our staging consultant will meet you at your home and do a room by room walk through to identify your home staging needs. The consultation is the perfect first step towards staging a house for sale and starting out on the home staging process. Choosing us will ensure that your property benefits from expertise and advice from one of the UK's leading staging companies.

We are continuously reviewing the Government's advice as our priority is to keep everyone safe.  We are operating in accordance with government and with our industry guidelines.  At this point, and for everyone's safety we are not providing Home Staging Consultations, instead we’ll do this with you virtually.

 Home Staging

We'll plan what needs to be done inside and out. This means we’ll tackle any red flags because if we don’t your potential buyer or tenant will pick these up and if they don’t this will be picked up at the survey stage (for purchases). Once we’re finished tackling the red flags, we’ll move onto to preparing to present your home at it's best with our well developed staging method. The staging includes sourcing furniture and accessories (either on a competitive rental or purchase basis) where relevant. Once we're done we can provide professional photos as well as a 3D Virtual Tour for those that want to elevate their property marketing to the next level.

Our home staging service is available for all types of homes at every level of the market, we also offer a luxury home staging service for homes with a sales price above £1 million.

We are continuously reviewing the Government and industry association advice as our priority is to keep everyone safe.  We are operating in accordance with government and with our industry guidelines.  On that basis we offer home staging for empty homes only presently.

Swift Staging

We'll declutter and stage all your rooms, inside and out in a very short space of time! 

You'll then be ready for your professional photography or 3D 360 virtual tour to be taken (which we can provide as an additional service) and even be ready for your buyer viewings.

We are continuously reviewing the Government's advice as our priority is to keep everyone safe.  We are operating in accordance with government and with  industry guidelines.  

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