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Windsor House, Eton

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Home Staging


2 Days

Initial Valuation



Less than 0.25% of property value



This townhouse in Eton, Berkshire was a fabulous project to work on.  This had been a family home prior to it becoming a long term rental.  When we visited for our consultation, we recommended the following repairs:

- Remove exposed TV wiring and trunking in the kitchen

- Silicone key areas in bathrooms

- A fresh coat of paint in the hallway and landings

As the home is spread over 3 floors, we know that buyers can sometimes be confused on how to derive the best layout.

Once the repairs were complete, we staged key rooms to show buyers the true potential of the home - this included the large living spaces and 2 of the bedrooms.  We also staged one of the bedrooms as a playroom on a complimentary basis.


We asked Ceri to stage our 4 bedroom townhouse.


The end result is fabulous and the attention to detail is incredible.


I now see the benefits of home staging and I’d highly recommend her services.

J Slaughter

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