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Newland Retreat, Hitchin



Home Staging


5 Days

Initial Valuation



Less than 0.5%


Sold 5 Days



Our client had a lovely five bedroomed property in Hertfordshire. They wanted to sell quickly and achieve the highest sale price possible.


The property had lots of space, including an outdoor storage room in the garden. The property was immaculate but was sterile and felt unlived in. It needed some minor repairs inside and out.


 We recommended the following:

  • General repairs throughout 

  • Repainting bathrooms x 5

  • Deep clean of bathrooms x 6

  • Silicone all bathrooms

  • Decorate in other areas

  • Turn the outdoor storage room into a gym/ yoga retreat

  • Create a clear pathway around side access to the garage

  • We relocated some of the client's furniture pieces to more appropriate locations

  • Repair leaky gutter

  • Supply a number of key furniture pieces including sofas, coffee tables, dining chairs, console tables, accent chairs etc

  • Stage property throughout, inside and out, including creating kerb appeal with our potted plants

  • Design and supply standalone house sign

Our priority was to maximise the use of the spaces so the potential buyers, likely to be families, could each visualise what areas of the homes would be best for them.  Although our client did not have young children, we advised them to create a young child's bedroom.  This was a big hit with the buyer!

Once we finished, we took our professional photos and then as the client had an open day over two days one weekend, they asked us back each morning to set up the home in readiness for the buyer visits.  This involved us preparing the bedding, adding fresh flowers and a general tidy up and styling throughout.

The two day open house was an incredible success.  There were:


  • 28 booked viewings

  • 27 viewings

  • Second viewing on day three (the Monday after the open house on the Saturday/Sunday)

  • 9 full ask offers

  • On day five they agreed a  final sale price of £1.6m!  Our staging added over £160,000 to the resale value.  Our clients were thrilled!



"It was an absolute pleasure working with Ceri to help stage our family home. We found her company on bark and from the very get go Ceri was professional and incredible knowledgeable!! She prepared an extremely detailed report on our home after the first consultation which detailed how she could improve our home.


We loved Ceri straight from the get go!


Then came the home staging which blew us away, the small details, amazing furniture and Ceri's amazing team breathed life into our rather bland home! We still cannot believe how amazing our home looks! Ceri with her incredible and friendly team did a fantastic job!


Ceri really is a dream to work with, if you are reading this please do not hesitate to contact her. We will definitely be working with Ceri in the near future and have already recommended her to family and friends!"

A Kumar

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