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Marstone View, Marstone Mortaine





Home Staging


5 Days

Initial Valuation



Less than 0.5% of property value



Sold, less than 1 week

Our client had lived in their home for a number of years and wanted to upsize.  Our client had young children and the property was not presenting at it's best.  Our client was keen to achieve the highest resale value.

When we visited for the consultation, it was obvious that this property had much potential for a future family so we set out recommending a number of improvements:

  • repair cracks and old damp patches in ceilings and walls in a number of rooms

  • lightening up the décor in the hall and open plan kitchen

  • sourcing and installing new blinds in a number of rooms

  • replacing a number of broken patio slabs in the rear garden

  • cutting back the hedges immediately in front of the windows

  • repairing external cracks then painting the walls on the rear

  • steam clean the carpets

  • deep clean throughout

  • lots of sorting, including moving existing client furniture pieces, to more suitable locations in the home

  • there was an overflowing room outside and we could see the potential for this to be a games or pool room so again we sorted so buyers could see the potential of this space

  • turn the current children's playroom into a formal living room - a place for adults to go at the end of the day!

  • we turned one of the bedrooms into a home gym (previously the home gym had been in the family room!)

We added new dining chairs, 3 sofas, numerous other furniture pieces and added lots of accessories.  The result is a well balanced family home.  Given the family had young children we introduced pieces which were easily cleanable.  For example, in the dining area, we added faux dining chairs as these are easy to wipe down.  We also added strategic planting to the garden.

Once the staging was complete we took professional images to showcase the property on line.

Our client's home sold in less than 1 week and for £15,000 above ask!  So they covered the staging investment cost and even added profit!  Our client loved the practicality of our dining chairs so much that they bought these and have them in their forever home.

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