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Pinner Lane, Pinner




Interior & Exterior Staging


3 Days

Initial Valuation



0.002% of resale vale



(Pocket Listing)

Our Harrow based client had considered putting their home for sale and knew it needed some work but they did not know where to start.  They have been living in the home for 10 years and have so many possessions (even going back to when the now grown up children were very young).  Their priority was to maximise the resale value and attract as many buyers as possible so they called us for help.  In the background they discussed what they were thinking with their friends - they said making any changes was a waste of money.  Our client relented and we met for a detailed consultation.  When we arrived, it was obvious that this home had a lot to offer but was not presently at its best for a number of reasons - there were small repair jobs to be done and the way some of the rooms were presented undervalued the true potential of what was on offer for buyers.  We shared this initial feedback with the client and then came up with a detailed report setting out exactly what needed to be done.  We had a follow up call with our client to answer their questions.  They confirmed they would undertake the repairs and other upgrades that we recommended and gave us the green light to go ahead.

Little did our clients (or their friends) know the changes we were about to make!  

This home is full of character having once been a doctors surgery, and the owners have worked really hard to spruce it up to address the recommendations we gave them.  Our clients:

- removed shelving, prepared and decorated their new home office.  They also laid flooring in here

- they repaired small cracks in relevant walls and ceilings and decorated a number of rooms

- added and painted new skirting (which was missing)

- siliconed relevant areas

- gave the garden a makeover

- cleared out the garage and shed

We then came in with our sorting and staging services.

Examples of the improvements we made:

-set up new home office in what was previously a very large boxroom (5m x 1m).  It's use as a box room undervalued the property and given home working remains a priority for many, this was a very important change to make

-set up a new primary suite with furniture, bedding and lots of accessories - we created a number of zones - sleeping, relaxing and storage.  Previously this space had been used as a home office/craft room/storage room and area for guest to sleep.  Given this had access to its own en-suite and was completely private from the rest of the home, it made sense to showcase this as a guest suite

-removed excess furniture and delivered it to the client's storage unit which was close by

-we created a storage area in the anti room leading from the bathroom, and used it to house all their linen and additional bathroom products

- rearranged a number of the client's furniture pieces to improve the flow and useability of a particular space, for example, the sofas in the living area were swapped around to improve the flow and increase feeling of space.  The client's console table was moved into the hall to create a practical place to put down keys and other bits and bots, in addition to the décor pieces we added.  We then turned the area previously housing the console table into a comfortable and additional seating area

- we turned the store into an art studio.  It has much potential so by setting it up as an art studio buyers can see one potential for the space

As this was a lived in family home, our 3 days of staging included a lot of sorting and styling. We introduced a number of furniture pieces to bring the design scheme together, this included:

- kitchen stools added to the peninsula to create a defined space for buyers to sit and relax and imagine themselves eating and entertaining in the fabulous kitchen

- new accent chairs and coffee table to create a reception area by the home entrance - this had been an under utilised area previously so no one stopped there.  Now there is an additional spot to sit and relax.

- a new unit for the TV in the living room, in keeping, with the client's furniture style elsewhere

- matching rug and coffee table to bring the living room together

- accessories and artwork throughout the home

- bedding/cushions/throws and some furniture pieces including an open wardrobe system for the primary suite so that buyers can envisage the potential of a built in wardrobe in the space, given the pitched roof

We staged one of the bedrooms with space themed art, only to find out that Sir Patrick Moore had once lived in this home.  How apt is that!  Our client then mentioned that they had a telescope in the attic - it's now relocated and takes pride of place in one of the other bedrooms.  All this detail is really important as it tells the story of the home over time which buyers love to hear.

We enjoyed repurposing some of the clients pieces in different parts of the home, to really highlight those wonderful key pieces they owned.

Once we finished, we brought in our amazing photographer so take a look at the after images below - what a transformation!  When our client saw the images, he said:

                        "Oh my, these photos are just stunning!! [My wife said] he spent some time on his craft

                         and the results speak for itself."

Our staging services will help potential buyers understand how they may use the home to its maximum potential. We have added value and made previously unusable spaces, usable.

The client asked an estate agent to revisit as they had previously visited last year.  They were amazed with the transformation and their incredible review is below.

This really is a special property with so much character and potential. We have every confidence that the owners will experience a successful sale and we wish them lots of luck with their move and new adventures.  We here that there are second viewings already.  

Client Review

"We were thinking of selling our family home but did not know where to start. We also wanted to achieve the highest re-sale value. We reached out to Ceri and she produced a detailed report so we very clear on where we needed to focus our efforts. Once we completed the repairs, her team elevated our home by sorting, adding some furniture pieces and accessories and then staging. They even took some of our items to a warehouse for storage. As we’ve never done this before we were not quite sure how the staging would work, particularly as we work from home. The team worked around us, quietly and efficiently. The final step was the photoshoot – the photos are just stunning!!

What sort style and stage have done, is given a new lease of life to our home – it looks incredibly welcoming, the spaces work better and we now have the best opportunity to sell. The estate agent even remarked that we have truly elevated what was an already stunning home.

We can’t thank the team enough and we’d highly recommend sort style and stage."

T Major, Pinner

Agent Review

"I was really impressed Ceri, you have done a fantastic job and I will definitely be recommending you in the future.
You truly elevated what was an already stunning home."


D. Caulfield,

Gibbs Gillespie Estate Agents

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