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A Day in the Life of a Property Stager

As founder of sort style and stage, no two days are ever the same.

Not only do we provide a range of staging services - property staging (for businesses such as developers and estate agents), virtual staging (used by all) and home staging (used by homeowners), we also provide interior and refurbishment services.

In this blog, we'll share what a day in the life for us is about when we're working on a client property staging project. We mostly work with developers so the properties we stage are typically empty but sometimes they are even part furnished. Each client project is different, this is what makes what we do so interesting.

The most incredible part of property staging is #STAGINGDAY - this is when we bring to life what we imagined and see our client's delight at the result.

When we are property staging, we handle everything, so our clients can focus on what's important for them.


On installation day - the day we are going to stage the client's property, the first step is to prepare for receipt and delivery of all the furniture and accessory pieces that we've identified in the client inventory. We make sure that all items delivered are undamaged (if any are damaged, we'll re-order and use alternative pieces in the interim).


To begin with, we'll move each piece into the relevant room (this is planned in advance) - this is the installation phase. We'll unpack the items and remove the packaging from the room so we have more space to work.

As there will be items to hang up, we'll put these pieces on the floor directly below where they are to be hung.

We will have already pre-planned where the furniture and accessories are to be located - this is space planning. We will also have pre-planned how to make the use of each room absolutely clear, through the use of relevant furniture and accessories. This way, the room is staged so it draws the buyer or tenant into the room and takes them on a journey.


Once everything is in each room, our team will construct any pieces and then once this is done, we will move each piece to it's final destination. As we're pulling the room together, although we had a pre-planned design plan, we may have to move pieces to different locations - this allows us to truly deliver the best design possible. Once all the furniture pieces and key accessories are in place, our team will hang any artwork, mirrors or other wall pieces.

We'll then focus on the details - this is what truly brings each space into its own. For example, in a kitchen, we create a stage whereby the buyer will be able to see a recipe book and we'll leave appropriate props to deliver this vision. In a child's bedroom we will accessories with pieces which the buyer will then be able to imagine their child or grand child playing there. Even outside, we'll add props so the buyer is pausing and truly enjoying being in the space.

Once we've staged each room, we'll go to the property entrance and walk through each space visualising what the viewer will see and make any final changes.

Professional Property Imagery

We know how professional staging elevates a property, however a property will need professional property imagery to really showcase what we've done. We always recommend that our client uses our professional property photographer to capture the showcase we've just created - we can provide photography as well as virtual 360 tours.

We'll bring some fresh props that can be used to capture the essence of what's possible in a number of rooms. For example in the kitchen, we'll bring in some amazingly baked cupcakes from Terri's Cup Cakes.

We walk around the property with our photographer collaborating as to what positions will deliver the best shots. We'll then also move pieces where needed so they can be captured in the image. Our amazing photographer, Shannon will then take some focus shots drawing attention to the staging on display. She'll then go back to the studio and prepare a portfolio of images which we sign off and send to the client. In turn the client uses these in their marketing collateral - this way, the property has the most chance of standing head and shoulders above others on the property portals.

Showcasing Our Staging to Our Client

This is the icing on the cake! We love the surprise and the reactions when our client walks through the door. This makes what we do so worthwhile and it just reminds us, once more, how powerful, professional staging can really be.

If you'd like to see some of our client's reactions through their testimonials, click here.

We really do love what we do and if you would like to know how we can help you with your staging needs, please reach out to us at

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