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Adding Value: Bathrooms

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

This may well be the smallest room in your home, but that’s no reason to neglect it as buyer's will want to ensure it's in tip top condition. The downstairs cloakroom in particular may be one area that your buyers use, so we say:

“Invest your time and effort in making this a haven for your buyers with our cost effective solutions."

Here's our simple top tips to add value to your bathroom.

#1 Lighten up

Your bathroom may have a dated colour scheme and one way to instantly transform this space is with new paint. Introduce a neutral colour scheme in your bathroom and add pops of colour with towels, accessories and plants.

#2 Create Illusion of Space

There's so many ways to make the room appear bigger:

  • use light colours on the walls

  • add open shelves

  • if you have a shower curtain, replace it with a new a clear shower curtain

  • avoid clutter (all personal items should be neatly kept away)

  • add a large hanging mirror or even consider installing a wall mounted mirror behind the vanity

  • if you do need to replace the vanity because it's well past it sell by date, replace with a wall hung vanity (the less fixed items you have on the floor the better)

#3 Flooring

Has the flooring seen a better day? If so, replace with a modern alternative such as lino (which is extremely quick to lay) or tiles. We have a huge selection of inspiration for you here.

#4 Clean Up

It's essential that you deep clean all the surfaces in the bathroom so they're looking their best. Pay particular attention to all your fittings - they should be gleaming. If you have limescale build up, there's no need to replace fittings. Instead use a natural solution to get rid of this. There's lots of natural ways to do this:

  • make up a spray bottle of half vinegar and half water, and spray on your fittings. Remember to rinse thoroughly with plain water afterwards.

  • if there's limescale build-up, soak a clean cloth in the vinegar/water solution and wrap it around the tap, then leave for a couple of hours or overnight. You may need to scrub a little to remove all the residue.

Don't use on plated taps, particularly gold; the acid in vinegar can damage them.

  • Cut a lemon in half and put each half on the tap spouts. Then soak a cloth in the lemon juice and wrap around the rest of the tap for a couple of hours. Again rinse thoroughly.

Get rid of any black gunk in the grout and if necessary re-grout. Make sure all the sealants are clean and if not, replace.

#5 Storage

This is a key area now with everyone having spent more time than ever at home, so make sure you have sufficient storage solutions with everything put away during viewings (whether virtual or in person) so buyer's can really appreciate your storage solutions.

There's a few ways to do this:

  • and if you have space, add a freestanding cabinet

#6 Mirrors

Mirrors are a key stable of what we do at sort style and stage. They make the smallest room look bigger. You can introduce just a mirror or a mirror with shelving or a mirror with hidden storage or even a mirror fixed to the wall. There's so much choice.

#7 Lights

Make sure the bathroom is well lit. There's a huge range of products available and for some inspiration take a look here.

#8 Window Dressings

Window dressings serve multiple purposes - they create privacy and they can also be a very effective way of adding style with colour and texture. A blind is the best type of window dressing for a bathroom. We have some inspirational ideas here.

If your window does not have frosted glass, add a film to create privacy.

#9 Toilet Seat

If your toilet seat is not looking its best, replace it with a soft close option.

#10 Refresh Fittings

If your fittings are looking date, replace your towel rails/rings or toilet roll holder with chrome alternatives.

#11 Accessorise

Adding new accessories is a great way to cost effectively transform this space. You can also add colour with your accessories and co-ordinate your bath mat, towels, art work and so on.

Remember to keep your towels specifically for buyer viewing days. This way they will retain their luxurious feel.

#12 Greenery

Whether or not you have natural light in your bathroom, bring the outdoors in with some greenery. There's some fantastic faux plants that will add interest and colour to this space if you don't have any natural light in your bathroom. If you do have natural light, go natural with your greenery. Not only does greenery create interest and colour, it also naturally oxygenates your bathroom. Make sure you pick a plant which thrives in a humid environment such as a Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Potted Palm or Dracanea.

13# Create a Feature

Add interest to your bathroom with bold flooring or an interesting statement wallpaper on one wall or via your window dressing. Give your buyers something to talk about.

#14 Spa

Finally, create a little luxury and spa like feel by introducing neutral candles or reed diffusers and stylish soap and hand cream dispensers.

We hope you enjoyed our #toptips to add value to your bathroom. We look forward to seeing your transformations. As usual, please send them to

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