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Adding Value - Sparkle!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

One of the simplest ways to add value to your home so buyers begin to emotionally connect with your home is CLEANING. We can't emphasise enough the value of cleaning your home top to toe.

Here’s our top tips to get your home sparkling:

#1 Start at the top of your house and work your way down, finishing with outdoor spaces.

#2 Clean each room from top to bottom:

- ceilings

- walls

- curtains or blinds or other window dressings

- floors

- pull out all furniture and appliances and clean behind and beneath

#3 Do the wet jobs first:

- paintwork

- windows and doors

- laundering

- shampooing

#4 Then the dry jobs:

- dusting

- polishing

- waxing

#5 Vacuum last to remove all traces of dust and debris

Buyer Viewing Days

After your home has been staged, take your own photos of each of the rooms so when you have your buyer viewings, you can easily remember what goes where so you can re-create that perfect staged home.

Here's some top tips for reducing the cleaning pressure on buyer viewing days:

#6 Try to do as much cleaning and staging as you can in advance eg. ceilings, walls, blinds can be done a few days ahead.

#7 If there are rooms you don’t use, these can also cleaned in advance so on viewing day, it’s a quick double check to make any final adjustments.

#8 Leave enough time to complete the cleaning and staging - you will know how long this will take after preparing for your first buyer viewing.

#9 If you can, allocate the cleaning and staging jobs across your family members and repeat this prior to every viewing so everyone knows what to do and does it efficiently

#10 Send younger and older members of the family and treasured pets off-site as early as possible on buyer viewing days so you can focus on the last minute cleaning preparations.

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