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Asking vs Agreed Prices

Twentyea has shared their most recent analysis, focusing on the gap between the asking price and the agreed sale, referred to as the transfer price since 2018.

So what does the Data Show?

From the data, it is apparent that the gap between the asking price and the transfer price was as its lowest in 2019, despite the Brexit issue and the general election. It is also evident that sale prices have increased in 2020 following the market re-opening in May 2020.

Source: Twentyea

It is apparent that over this period, albeit a part year in 2020 (Q1 only), sellers are reducing their prices more now than they were either in 2019 or 2018 as demonstrated below:

Source: Twentyea

What is unclear, is whether this gap will continue for the remainder of 2020 or will it shrink, given the mini boom that has been experienced in July?

Are you thinking of Selling?

If your answer to this is yes, do you want to maximise your chances of selling, to do so quickly and to achieve the highest possible price? If your answer is also yes, we can show you how.

Professional staging will increase your chances of selling, it will increase your chances of achieving a higher price and it will also mean your property sells quicker.


Staging your home to sell is the most effective marketing technique available (assuming your home is priced right).

Staging takes the buyer on a journey which enables them to build an emotional connection with your home, both on-line and then during the viewing - because of this buyers can visualise themselves living in your home as they go from room to room. Not only does staging create that emotional connection, it also addresses any red flags in terms of repairs or maintenance jobs that you've not got round to - otherwise your buyers or even the surveyor will focus on these.

The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland's most recent report confirms that professional home staging:

  • makes it easier for a buyer to visualise the property as their future home

  • increases the number of viewings

  • results in buyers spending longer at viewings

  • results in a home which will sell up to 3 times faster

  • increases the offers on home up to 10%

To learn more read, here.

Attracting Buyers

As professional stagers, we've worked on many client projects as well as on our own developments. We've worked through market highs and lows and each time we've maximised the sale price and also sell quickly because of our staging solutions. This is because we understand what it takes to stage your home to attract as many buyers as possible.

We're very proud of each and every staging project we've worked on big or small - take a look at our:

We're certified Home Styling and Staging Professionals and proud members of the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland. We take pride in what we do and we offer a high quality, cost effective solution suited to your specific needs.

Reach out to us on +44 7984 005 626 for your 30 minute no obligation discussion

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