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Bucks Transformation - 5 Bed Barn


Our client had a spectacular 5 bedroom barn conversion located in an idylic rural setting with access to a green park and long walks by the local canal. The family home was rented out long term prior to our client deciding that they wanted to sell the property. They contacted us for help.

Here are some of the before images ...


We had an initial telephone consultation with our client where they informed us that they had transformed the barn when they initially purchased it. After living in the property for many years, they decided to let it out on an unfurnished basis. They were now looking to sell the property to release the equity but they were aware that the property was not presenting at it's best and in fact had not been well maintained by their tenant. At this stage we had no details about the true condition of the property, as our client was not based locally and had not visited the property in a number of years. What we did know however, was that the tenant had kept a number of animals in the property and the animals had damaged a number of the areas of the home. For example, there was extensive damage to the woodwork where the tenants had chewed or scratched, there were broken glass panes.

Plan of Action

We arranged with the client's estate agent to meet up to collect the keys as the client did not live locally. At this visit, it rained heavily and it was evident that there was significant remedial works needed not only inside but outside. For example, there was water ingress through the glass roof, the gutters were not functioning in a number of areas.

We had an initial call with the client as we were leaving the property to pre-advise them of the level of works that would be needed - this came as quite a surprise.

We prepared and submitted our findings and recommendations in their detailed consultation report. We subsequently discussed these with our client and agreed what remediation works where necessary. Given the large scale of the property, over 3000 sq feet, we recommended that we focus on staging key rooms, once the remedial work had been complete.

We reviewed the client's chosen trades and then worked with the client's trades to get the repairs addressed.

Whilst the remedial works were ongoing over a 3 week period, we had progress calls with the client and their trades to ensure the work was progressing appropriately and to address any problems as they were identified.

This property required substantial works:

  • Re-hang/replace gutters

  • External wood panelling, sanded and stained black

  • Replace broken window panes

  • Address damp patches

  • Jet wash decking and re-stain as it had become a safety issue as it was slippery to walk on

  • Repair woodwork damaged by tenant's animals

  • Repair and prepare ceilings, walls and woodwork then decorate throughout in white

  • Maintenance of garden which had become overgrown

  • Removal of rubbish left behind by tenant

  • Staging in key rooms, including:

    • cloakroom

    • main hall

    • kitchen/diner

    • new home office

    • new art studio

    • open plan living/dining room

    • master bedroom suite

We also created a complimentary yoga retreat!


The property transformation is incredible! Although the rooms are large, we have created a welcoming family home - each of the rooms staged has a clearly defined purpose.

Our client invested just over 1% of the property value in addressing the remedial works as well as on the staging. They achieved a 30% return on their investment. Our client's property sold within the first week - they were absolutely over the moon!

We are thrilled for our clients and wish them all the best in the future.

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Here is the fabulous review we received from our client.

"Ceri of sort style and stage has been really helpful and skillfull !
She is enthusiastic, positive and dynamic!
She is honest in her opinion and cares about her clients and aims to do her best to help to present clients’ property in the best light and style!
Our house has benefited from her excellent input and would recommend her.

Y Oii

How we can help you

Our staged properties sell on average within 7 days and for 10%-30% more. If you need help with selling and would like a complimentary call to understand how we can add tangible value to you, reach out to us on: +44 7984 005 626.



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