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Case Study - Vacant Family Home

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Our client vacated their 4 bedroom family home 9 months previously, removing most of their furniture and then they put their home on the market. There was limited buyer interest and no buyer offers. Our client was frustrated at the lack of a sale and contacted us to find out if we could help. We jumped at the chance because we knew their home was in a desirable location and could be easily and cost-effectively transformed into a home that buyer's want.

Our client was thrilled with the results of our home staging. The client invested £8,600 (1% of their home value) in the home staging. Within 2 weeks of them re-marketing their home, it sold for 10% above the asking price! Our client recouped their staging investment and more.

How did we achieve this?


The home is in a desirable area with great transport links. It was mostly empty, there were dated fittings and some maintenance was required. Buyers were struggling to visualise themselves in the home.


After our consultation with the client we prepared a detailed action plan. This set out the following key recommendations for the home:

Problem 1 - As the rooms were mostly empty, the purpose of each was unclear and the home felt cold and unwelcoming. We recommended hiring furniture and accessories on the basis that we knew the client had no purpose for these.

Solution - We sourced, installed and staged various rooms. This brought the home to life.

Problem 1 - The kitchen was very dark and had an island which was too large.

Solution - Although the kitchen was in very good order, we recommended lightening the room with the following - laying light wall panels over dark wall tiles, replacing red floor tiles with light lino and introducing light colours with new accessories.

Problem 2 - There were a number of cracks in walls and ceilings throughout the home.

Solution - We recommended that these were filled, sanded and painted.

Problem 3 - The flooring in the bathrooms was dark and dated.

Solution - We recommended replacing the flooring with light lino.


Once we completed the staging, we took professional photos and these were used in the updated marketing collateral. Within 2 weeks, their property sold for 10% above the asking price!

If you have a vacant home which you are looking to sell, would you consider home staging rather than a price reduction? Let us know at

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