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Colour Choices Are Changing

Dulux has revealed that our colour choices have changed during lockdown.

We're now drawn to calming and neutral colours because of the vast amount of time we've all been spending in our homes.

The Dulux research confirms that 49% of people believe that colour influences how they feel and 1/3 believe it makes a big difference to their mood. This concurs with what we've shared with you previously - read more here.

Marianne Shillingford, Dulux Creative Director, says:

"During the past few months we have all had time to consider our living spaces like never before.
We have begun to realise that we want our homes to do more for us than just function practically.
They need to be places in which we can be energised, soothed, creative, switched on and switched off as well as places we are proud to live in.
Colour undoubtedly has the power to make our homes look more beautiful but it also has the power to change the way we feel about them and behave in them. It can connect spaces together as much as the people in them and it can make us rest better, work better and just feel better."

Looking at their best sellers, greens and blues score the highest in their top 20 most purchased paints during lockdown.


Their top 3 sellers are:

Image: Dulux - Tranquil Dawn

Dulux's Tranquil Dawn paint range certainly does create a relaxing haven to spend time in!

Image: Dulux - Fresh Sage

Image: Dulux - Willow Tree


Their top 3 blue paint colour sellers are:

Image: Dulux - Saphire Salute

Image: Dulux - Oxford Blue

Image: Dulux - Cornflower Blue

Making our homes an uplifting place to relax and work makes sense and these type of paint colours will certainly help achieve that aim.

We can't wait to learn how you're embracing these colours. As usual, send us your photos to We'll even share them here!

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