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Construction Industry: Government Boost

New government measures to boost the construction industry were introduced last week. In short:

  • planning permission deadlines will be extended (they usually expire after 3 years if no work has started). This will affect those sites which had an expiry date between 23 March 2020 to 31 December 2020. Planning consent is now extended until 1 April 2021.

  • planning appeals will be speeded up permanently. This will grant the Planning Inspectorate the right to use more than one procedure (written, hearings and inquiries) at the same time when dealing with a planning appeal. This may halve appeal timelines by as much as 50%.

  • builders will be allowed more flexible working hours following agreement with their local council


Housing Secretary, Rt Hon Robert Jenrick, MP said:

"Building the homes the country needs is central to the mission of this government and is an important part of our plans to recover from the impact of the coronavirus. New laws will enable us to speed up the pace of planning appeals and save hundreds of construction sites from being cancelled before they have a chance to get spades in the ground, helping to protect hundreds of thousands of jobs and create many others.
Taken together, these measures will help to keep workers safe and our economy moving as we work together to bounce back from the pandemic."

To learn more, click here.

Are you affected by these Government Measures?

Are you an investor or developer who is affected by these government measures? If so, in what way?

If you are benefitting from these measures and you've just started or are about to start developing your project, now is the time to plan your sales and marketing strategy. This is too early, we hear you say. Actually, it's not. Getting the sales and marketing strategy initiated at the project outset can make a huge difference - you are more likely to sell before your build completes as a result. Does that sound interesting? Read on.

How sort style and stage can help

Implementing the sales and marketing strategy at the outset involves not only an effective design but the right presentation of your development so it attracts your potential target market.

Our development experience, our design insights and our virtual and home staging services will enable you to achieve efficiencies, exit your development quicker and in return increase your ROI.

Reach out to us NOW at to arrange a non-obligation call.

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