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Conveyancers: Top 3 Q&As

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Since Covid-19, we're receiving more enquiries from conveyancers to understand how home staging will add value when there's an estate property.

We've compiled a Q&A on the top 3 questions we're receiving from conveyancers:

A. Estate type homes are generally dated and can also require work. Will staging add value to these homes?

Q. Absolutely, yes.

Staging adds value to homes which are dated and may have been neglected. Over our 20+ year experience in property developing, we've regularly purchased and redeveloped estate type family homes. In this time, we've also seen the market go up and down. However, all our developments sold quickly and for more because we researched the market and added value through each of our developments and our staging.

Pre Covid-19, home staging added as much as 8%+ to the property value. Since Covid-19, of course the housing market is in an unprecedented scenario, however, the value of home staging continues - ultimately the staged home will stand out from the competition and therefore be at the forefront of buyer's minds and therefore sell more quickly.

Q. Do you deal with house clearances as part of your home staging services?

A. Yes. We use a network of refuse disposal experts who have access to fully licensed recycling centres.

During Covid-19, please contact us for further details at

Q. The garden has been neglected, can you deal with this?

A. Yes, unlike many home stagers, we consider the outside to be just as important as the inside - getting this right can add as much as 20% to the home’s value.

Look at the "before" and "after" images below so you can see the huge transformations that are possible outdoors. We design and work with our team of trades to create these amazing spaces. These really do increase the home's value!

From this - an overgrown jungle which had no appeal or clear purpose:

To this - a child friendly and usable outdoor space (by now the hedging we planted has grown and created a private retreat). The staging added 20% to the home value.

How about this before and after transformation - this went from a building site to a new outdoor room, which buyers can normally only dream about - magnificent!

From this:

To this - an oasis with multiple usable zones:

Let us know what you think of these transformations at

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