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KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON ... Virtual Home Staging

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

At the beginning of the year, the property market was looking optimistic – Brexit and the general election were behind us and confidence was returning as house prices rose at their fastest rate since mid-2018.

Covid-19 has dramatically changed our lives and the housing market and at this point, there’s no end in sight. However, now is not the time to shy away from looking forward - we must KEEP CALM and CARRY ON.

At some point activity in the housing market will increase and when it does the market will be flooded, with existing and new housing stock.

Covid-19 has brought a new perspective to the housing sector, in that it must fully embrace technology to make the selling and buying process more efficient.

We enjoyed reading the Home Staging Association UK & Irelands’ article about Covid-19 and agree with its content, particularly:

Those looking to sell their properties will need Home Staging services to make sure their listings stand out ... now more than ever.”

Read more about this here.

With many of us at home and for those looking to sell in the future, we can use this time effectively to work out what needs to be done to stage your home, so when you do sell, it sells quickly and for more.

We've adapted the way we work to face head on the challenges of Covid-19. We're doing this because you, our clients, are asking for our help. As a first step, we’re offering a virtual home staging consultation with you, where we’ll identify your specific home staging needs. We’ll follow this up with your action plan – this sets out, room by room, what action is needed to present your home at its best so it attracts the most buyers. As we move toward the end of Covid-19, you’ll have a head start on the competition and at that point, we’ll be happy to provide our home staging service to implement your action plan in your home.

To reserve your virtual home staging consultation, BOOK NOW, at

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