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Simple Home Staging Tips

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

We’re all coming to terms with the magnitude of Covid-19 and how it dramatically affects everything we do.

Although the housing market is in a hiatus, there will be pent up demand once we’re through the worst of Covid-19. This means new housing stock will come onto the market adding to what’s been sitting there a while. If you want to sell once we turn the corner on Covid-19, it will be more important than ever that your home stands out from the crowd.

A Home Staging Association UK & Ireland's recent article on Covid-19 states:

Those looking to sell their properties will need Home Staging services to make sure their listings stand out ... now more than ever.

You can have a head start on the crowd by planning and even implementing some simple home staging tips yourself - why not get the whole family involved! Do as much or as little as you can – the key is to work your way through these simple steps while your all cooped up at home. As a minimum, prepare a list of jobs that need to be done once lockdown is lifted.

In this issue, we’re focusing our simple top tips for your home's inside - enjoy.

Covid-19_Indoor_Top Tips_060420
Download PDF • 145KB

Let us know how you get on and please share your "before" and "after" photos with us at We'll create a space to share these with everyone.

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