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#De-mystifying Home Staging

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

We joined an interesting webinar, hosted by Emma Jones of Enterprise Nation with guest speaker Jennifer Corcoran, who has the amazing credentials of #LinkedInROCKSTAR and ‘Social Media Influencer’, Ceri, our founder, asked about the best ways of using LinkedIn to connect with our audience. In exploring how to answer Ceri's question, Jennifer asked a fantastic question:

"What is home staging?"

Jennifer had never heard about a home stager or what home staging was, so let's demystify this.

What is home staging?

Quite simply, home staging is a marketing technique which results in your home or investment being presented in the best way so it generates buyer interest and as a result sells quickly and for more.

What are the benefits of Home Staging?

Even though were in the midst of Covid-19, this fact remains valid - 80% of buyer’s can’t visualise themselves in your home. Over 20+ years, our staged homes have sold quickly (70% compared to non-staged homes) and for more (typically 8%+). The value of staging remains even now - if a buyer has a choice between a well presented and non-well presented home, they’ll choose the well presented home.

How much does staging cost?

It typically costs 1-2% of the home value – much less than price reductions, which are normally in £25,000 chunks!

Why use a professional home stager?

They provide an independent perspective, know the market, know what buyers look for, provide cost effective solutions and implement home staging for you, saving you precious time – the result, a professionally staged home.

Home staging boils down to:

The 3 P's

PLAN - understand the market and the competition and identify what needs to be done to add value

PREPARE - find targeted solutions to achieve what needs to be done, both indoors and out

PRESENT - implement stylish solutions and capture these in professional photos and ensure this style is re-created for all buyer viewings

That's it! If you get this right, you will be ready to sell for more and quickly.

Do you agree with what home staging is about? Let us know what you think at

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