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Developers: Maximise your chances of selling

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Do any of these questions apply to your development?

- is your development nearing completion and you want to make sure it sells quickly to release your investment funds?

- is your development stalled because you've run out of finance and your outgoings continue day by day?

- are you concerned that your development will stand on the market for some time because buyer's don't yet have the confidence to arrange viewings because of Covid-19 concerns?

- is your new build empty and costing you money every day it sits on the market?

- do you want to achieve the highest return on your investment and achieve a quick sale?

We can answer all these questions and overcome all of your concerns with our high quality, cost effective and quick to implement staging solutions - these are safe for everyone concerned!

Buyer's Needs

The majority of today's buyers start their property hunting journey on-line. Within seconds, buyers will decide which properties they want to shortlist. Because 80% of buyers can't visualise how they can use empty spaces, your development is very likely to slip off their radar at that point, particularly if there are other empty properties appearing in their search criteria, never mind those that are presented at their best. Even if your property makes it to the buyer short list and then the viewing stage, buyer's will struggle to visualise themselves in an empty shell. The recent government guidelines require virtual first viewings where possible so this increases the pressure of attracting buyer attention even more. When the buyers then turn up for the viewing, they will make up their minds within second of entering the property. Buyers will:

- still struggle to visualise how they will use the spaces

- focus on any negatives because they've got nothing else to attract their attention

- will wonder whether their furniture will fit because there's nothing to compare it with

Your rooms will also look smaller because they are empty.

How do you Satisfy what Buyer's Need?

Quite simply, with STAGING.

It's more important than ever that you give yourself the best chance of attracting buyer attention, staging is the key.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself a series of questions:

  1. what is staging and how will this help?

  2. how much is this going to cost me?

  3. is it really going to result in a sale?

  4. how much value is it going to add?

  5. will it sell my development quicker?

  6. how much time is it going to take?

Benefits of Staging

First of all, staging allows buyers to emotionally connect with the home that's been created from your development. Secondly, there are lots of well documented statistics about staging including those in the latest Staging Association UK & Ireland report.

100% of developers responded with a YES answer for all of the questions below:

  • Did staging increase the number of viewings?

  • Did the properties you staged sell faster than the non-staged ones?

  • Did the properties you listed with professional photos get more viewings than properties with no images or poor quality ones?

  • Does a professional stager stage your properties?

  • Has home staging been a helpful marketing tool when having your property listed?

  • Does home staging have an effect on most buyers’ view of the property?

And, 83% of these developers stated they received an increase in the buyer offer by as much as 10%+. This is a considerable return on investment, given the low investment required which typically is in the range 1-2% of the property value.

Using the services of a professional stager will ensure that you have an unbiased opinion on how to add value to your development. It also means that they bring with them a superior understanding of the local housing market. They use this expertise to turn the development into a home which has stylish interiors and reflects the needs of the widest buyer audience. The best part, is that they can transform a development into a home quickly and cost effectively.

How sort style and stage can help

We can transform your development into a home so that it attracts the most buyers using our range of high quality, cost effective, staging services.

We have a range of solutions:

Home Staging - the latest government guidelines allow us to stage developments and buyers can also view these. This is the best way to maximise your chances of selling because buyers will be able to visualise themselves in the home we've created and therefore make that all important emotional connection.

We have a wide range of furniture and accessories to suit all tastes and budgets and can provide these on a rental or purchase basis.

We can deliver a fully staged development in 10 days or less normally (subject to Covid-19 constraints).

As we know that the quality of the images taken will directly impact the perception of your development to buyers, we can provide images taken by our resident professional property photographer. We can also provide you with our 3D Tour service (more on this below). These really are the best way to market your property.

Virtual Staging - this is a very quick and cost effective way of creating buyer interest. It works particularly well when you have a partially finished development - we can add flooring, wall colours and even a kitchen and bathroom as well as furniture and accessories.

We use your high quality images to digitally transform rooms using our large range of virtual furniture and accessories. After virtual staging, we do recommend home staging because ultimately when the buyers turns up for the viewing, they will struggle to emotionally connect without seeing the furniture and accessories in situ.

Virtual 3D Tour - a first for a home staging business. This service allows your buyers to take a 360° virtual view of your home at any time, night or day, from the comfort and safety of their home. We use 3D technology from the market leader, Matterport.

We recommend this service after your home staging because at that point your development will be looking at its best. This together with professional photography will elevate your marketing material.

We'd love to help so please reach out to if you want to maximise your chances of selling.

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