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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

Plato, Greek philosopher. And, that is how the collaboration came about between sort style and stage and Property CGI Ltd (PCL).

What challenges did Covid-19 present for sort style and stage and how are you overcoming them?

Since 23 March 2020, our world has been turned upside down and inside out. The lockdown brought sort style and stage to a halt as we could no longer provide our home staging service. So with a little creative thinking, we’ve introduced various virtual services.

Ceri says:

“Our homeowner clients have been incredibly positive about this because these virtual services keep everyone safe while adding value and doing so quickly and cost effectively.”

Collaboration between sort style and stage and PCL

As members of the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland, we were aware of Shannon and over various meetings we understood her business ethics, became familiar with how she works including her portfolio and her client successes. We were also impressed by her professional accolades, including being a Build Real Estate & Property Awards winner in 2019. For those reasons, we have collaborated with Shannon to launch our virtual staging services. Ceri says:

“It’s absolutely my pleasure to announce that we are collaborating with Property CGI Ltd so we can offer their high-quality virtual staging services to our client base. This will help us build on our successes to date and grow our business further. Our client reactions have been fantastic.”

Shannon says:

"I am delighted to be collaborating with sort style and stage! Our key priority is to provide a valuable set of resources and services to those in (and wanting to be in) the property industry. The knowledge and expertise of sort style and stage has added immeasurable value to the services and content that we provide to clients and will help keep our business evolving by sharing information and gaining new perspectives on the accomplishable possibilities of the future!”

The Power of Virtual Staging

Virtual staging can be used in any number of ways eg. it addresses “EMPTY DEVELOPMENTS = EMPTY POCKETS”, it also addresses those commercial projects which were under development and have stalled. We can also transform spaces using our virtual renovation capability. These services will help developers, estate agents, investors and the intermediary significantly increasing their chances of selling or renting.

To show the power of virtual staging, a recent project, a 4-bedroom rental went from launch to offer WITHIN 1 HOUR!

Wednesday - estate agent brief:

"We currently have a 4-bedroom unfurnished house which is proving hard to shift in this climate. Would you be able to do something with these photos in regards to adding furniture?"

We virtually staged the photos and sent them back to the estate agent at 9:30 am Friday morning. At 9:40 the estate agent relaunched the property with the new images, helping to show the property’s potential, making it stand out and attracting potential tenants. At 10:56, the estate agent emailed to say that he received an offer on the property! And by close of business on Friday the property was under offer and the landlord was so happy! Shannon said:

“This was a record for how fast our images have helped our clients market their properties, we’ve had properties go under offer within 24 hours but 1 HOUR is a fantastic result!”

And here’s the result:

The housing market is now at a tipping point and will change forever as buyer behaviour moves more towards virtual services. We still very much value the physical home staging and can’t wait to offer this again post Covid-19: ultimately there’s nothing quite like walking through a staged home to create the emotional appeal that buyers need to trigger their buying action!

Virtual Staging Services

We use your images or plans and add Computer Generated Images (CGI) furniture to transform any space. We have several packages to cover a range of budgets and designs:

* We can source similar pieces to those used in the Classic range.

How we can help you

Whether you are a homeowner or business, all we need to be able to create your virtual home staging are high quality images or architect plans. Please send these to so we can get you that step closer to SOLD or LET!

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