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Estate Agents: Top 3 Q&A's

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Since Covid-19, we're receiving more enquiries from estate agents to understand how home staging will add value to sellers.

We've compiled a Q&A on the top 3 questions we're now asked by estate agents - these are:

Q. Does a house sell quickly if it’s not been staged and what value does staging add?

A. No, 80% of buyers struggle to visualise themselves in a home which is not staged. Staging will increase buyer interest and will result in a quicker sale. Pre-Covid-19, our staged homes sold 70% faster and added 8%+ to the home value. With over 20+ years of experience, we've experienced first hand the housing market highs and lows - throughout this, our staged properties have always sold quickly and for more. Often the sale prices we have achieved for our developments created a new ceiling cap! Even with Covid-19 upon us, home staging retains its value - a staged home stands out from the crowd.

Q. How much does staging cost and who pays?

A. Staging costs are typically 1-2% of the home value and the seller normally pays these costs.

The alternative to staging is to do nothing and as a result a home will linger on the market and become stale. The home may then be subject to a price reduction - these typically start in the range of £25,000+. So does it make more sense to invest in home staging rather than considering a price reduction?

Q. Are you offering any other services to help sellers?

A. Absolutely. There's three key ways we're helping our community.

Firstly, for those homes which don't currently stand out from the crowd because they may be partially renovated, they may be dated, they may be empty or partially furnished we are providing virtual staging. This has a number of benefits including:

- it overcomes the barriers of Covid-19

- a virtually staged home will see over a 200% increase in online activity

- this can be implemented quickly

- it's a cost effective solution and can be followed by home staging once we're through the worst of Covid-19

Secondly, for those buyers that want to get a head start, we are providing virtual home staging consultations. This allows us to prepare an action plan which we'll implement once we're through the worst of Covid-19.

Finally, we’ve created lots of home staging top tips for sellers to add value to their home or investment and these are available in The Hub.

If you are still on the market for sale, would you consider staging or a price reduction? Let us know at

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