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How Colour Choices Influence your Buyer’s Emotions

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Colour and emotion are linked so it’s vital that your home’s colour scheme resonates with your buyer for the right reasons.

We’re taking a look behind the scenes to learn why getting the right colour scheme is important.

We interviewed Claire Tull, interior designer and founder of studio 12 designs. Not only did Claire share her expertise on colours, we particularly enjoyed Claire's very resourceful ideas including this one about lamps - she says:

“Often overlooked, lamps add enormous value to a room – lamp bases are sculptural pieces, the lampshade offers opportunity to add shape, texture, colour and decorate with light.”

An Interior Designer's Insight

1. What are the basic principles you should follow when pulling together a colour scheme in a room?

Claire says:

“ I love this quote by Le Corbusier “Colour is … an incredibly ffective triggering tool. Colour is a factor of our existence.”

The first task is to identify and define the triggers to inform and guide your choices:

- what mood or impression do you wish to create? Think about the function of the space - are you starting from scratch? If not, what is to change? - consider the architecture and aspect of the room – is it south facing? what size are the windows, how does the outside influence the inside? - who is going to be the beneficiary? The buyer not you 2. How many colours should you use in a single room?

There is no limit, however to be assured of success, there are useful techniques to employ: • use colours that naturally work well together. Choose a primary colour and team this with a secondary colour eg. blues with orange • vary the tone and texture – having all surfaces in bold colours and in the same finish is overpowering • vary the proportion of one colour to another and balance with neutrals to create a harmonious scheme This is why using a neutral palette for the fabric and adding furnishings and accessories with colour and pattern work so well 3. Should you use a consistent colour scheme throughout and why?

Yes. This creates unity and gives a sense of space and calm. Varying the textures and accent colours in each room to suit function adds interest without loosing harmony.

4. What ways are there to inject colour into a room?

Injecting colour should involve the more personal and fun elements. Currently blue is ‘Colour of the Year’ and this opens up many possibilities as blue, in its many forms, works well with all colours. Blue in duck-egg and pastel hues is calming and ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.

The simplest way to refresh and inject colour is through furnishings and accessories.

Claire says:

“ Often overlooked, lamps add enormous value to a room – lamp bases are sculptural pieces, th e lampshade offers opportunity to add shape, texture, colour and decorate with light. ”

5. What colours make a room look bigger?

Pale colours give a sense of space – use painted stripes (or wallpaper) to create the illusion of height when ceilings are low. Use horizontal strips to make a room look wider.

A clever trick is to use satin and matt emulsion in the same colour. For a seamless look, use the same colour but in different finishes – satin gloss wood works with matt emulsion walls. Pale colours have the optical illusion of making objects recede. Paint alcoves and recesses in pale colour to make them appear deeper.

Whatever the colour scheme or purpose, be sure never to skimp on the proper preparation of surfaces and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on use and application.

Claire strongly believes and says that:

“ Good decoration is a great investment as it has many positive benefits to your well being and adds real value to your property .”

We’d like to thank Claire for her insight – she’s an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Colour Specialists

Here’s some useful colour specialists for you:

Farrow & Ball – How Light Affects Colour -

B&Q – Tips & Tricks

How do we use colours at sort style and stage?

At sort style and stage, we always consider the colour palette of your home because we know that getting it right will create that right first impression and will also enhance the quality of your images - this will help you sell quicker and for more.

As we remain in lockdown, there’s still plenty you can do if you want to sell quickly. As a first step, let us help you plan out how to add value to your home with our virtual home staging consultation at

We love hearing all your stories and thoughts. Let us know how you are applying what you've learnt about colours to add value to your home to

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