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How Do You Achieve That SALE?

Redrow Homes, latest survey indicates that a quarter of those they surveyed are reconsidering what they want in their future home.

Of note are:

- 53% of those who have children under 10, or who are currently expecting a child, are most likely to have change their priorities, compared to an average of 24%.

- 39% of those who've had to work from home (either part-time or full time), or are in furlough have changed their priorities.

Priorities Post-lockdown 

Unsurprisingly as this theme comes through consistently now, 60% of those they surveyed wanted access to private outdoor space, such as a garden, terrace area or balcony. 40% will be looking for a home with a large kitchen and 29% will be looking to achieve excellent levels of energy efficiency.

In London, 34% of those surveyed were concerned about high-speed broadband access, compared to national average of 27%.

Community Priorities

It is evident from this survey, that future home owners seek access to as many community facilities as possible including:

Source: Redrow Homes

One way to help your buyers with this, is to prepare a simple home information pack that you leave out for viewings. Include as many useful facts about the local area, even if they are not directly relevant to you. This will go a long way with your buyer.

Home improvements

More time spent indoors saw DIY projects boom with 38% trying this. However only half were ‘somewhat satisfied’ with the results of their DIY skills. The Redrow research indicates that the more significant the home renovation project, the less satisfied home owners tend to be with the results.

We know that buyers pick up if the home needs attention, even if they can't pinpoint exactly what needs addressing.

James Holmear, Group Sales Director at Redrow, says:

“Lockdown has changed our lives dramatically. More time spent in the home has made us reconsider how we use the space that we have, and how our homes can adapt to more permanent change in the future. Even as more offices re-open, many people will opt to work at home, and people are planning to replace public transport with greener modes of community when they do commute.
This change has translated to huge shifts in buyer preferences on the ground. Now, we are experiencing more customers adapt their search to homes with extra space to work, and more people are looking for proximity to green space and local shops, over good schools, and cafes and restaurants."

Have you Done Any DIY Jobs and You Now Want to Sell?

It is important that any DIY jobs that you have completed truly add value to your home. Do they? Or were you one of those that were not satisfied with your handy work? If you are not satisfied, this is the likely to be the case for your target buyer.

Rather than leaving your sale to chance, present your home at its best.

How Do You Achieve a Quick Sale?

Very simply by hiring a professional home stager.

What is a Professional Home Stager?

A professional home stager will understand your target market and implement cost effective solutions, both inside and out. They will also address any red flags such as your handy work which did not quite go to plan. The result is a home which creates the lifestyle that your target market wants. In fact, it's the most effective marketing solution you can employ.

Does Home Staging Work?


Staging takes the buyer on a journey and enables them to build an emotional connection, both on-line and then during the viewing - because of this, buyers visualise themselves living in your home. Not only does staging create that emotional connection, it also addresses any red flags in terms of repairs or maintenance jobs that you've not got round to both inside and outside the home.

The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland's most recent report confirms that professional home staging:

  • makes it easier for a buyer to visualise the property as their future home

  • increases the number of viewings

  • results in buyers spending longer at viewings

  • results in a home which will sell up to 3 times faster

  • increases the offers on home up to 10%

Read more here.

Attracting Your Buyer

As professional stagers, we've worked on many client projects as well as on our own developments. We've worked through market highs and lows. We understand what it takes to stage your home to attract as many buyers as possible. We also know how to do this cost effectively.

We're very proud of each and every staging project we've worked on big or small - take a look at our:

We're certified Home Styling and Staging Professionals and proud members of the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland. We take pride in what we do and we offer a high quality, cost effective solution suited to your specific needs.

Reach out to us on +44 7984 005 626 for your 30 minute no obligation discussion on how we can maximise the appeal of your home to your target market

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