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How long does it take to sell? 5 tips to sell quicker

Did you know that it’s currently taking up to 98 days for a home to sell? Yes, that's right.

Zoopla have just released data about how long it takes to sell your home or development.

The post boom pandemic housing activity came to an end in October. Given all the economic factors that we are faced with in the UK, buyers are now taking longer to put in their offers. This is why it’s more important than ever that you consider the two P's as we call them:

- PRICE - you need to be sensibly priced

- PRESENTATION - price alone is not enough! You must present your property in the best way possible if you want to achieve a sale quickly

Take a look at the table below from Zoopla, which gives some interesting insights on how long the process takes.

Source: Zoopla

The time it takes to sell a home is dependent on many factors including the listing price and the images used to showcase the home. We can say from experience that our staging services can shorten this time considerably. On average our staged properties sell within 14 day.

Here are 5 of our top tips on presenting your home for sale

Kerb appeal

You want your buyer to be impressed from the moment they arrive at your home! De-weed, add plant pots with colourful plants, repaint any paint work, clean windows and gutters, mow the lawn and weed your borders. Add a nice new doormat too!


Most of us accumulate lots of stuff which ends up on display, in cupboards, sheds, attic etc. Get ready for your move and sort through your stuff. There's many benefits to this - not only does this save time and cost when it comes to packing, removal and unpacking in your new home, it also makes each of your spaces feel bigger.

Very importantly, take down your family photos, school work etc because we want your buyers to focus on your amazing home rather than your amazing family!


This involves a little bit of elbow grease but is the quickest and most cost effective way to transform your home.

Deep clean your bathrooms and kitchen to get the place looking shiny and bright! These are the most expensive rooms to renovate so deep cleaning them will make them sparkle!


You want your potential buyer to be able to move around your home freely and in an organic way. This may mean moving a sofa / chair / cabinet from in front of an unused door for example.

We know:

- The longer your buyer takes to walk around your home during a viewing, the higher the chances of them making an offer.

- That typically buyers spent 10-15 minutes viewing a home.

- Buyers who visit our staged properties can spend anything up to 1 hour on a first viewing.


Make your home desirable! Add fresh flowers, new bedding and ensure all your spaces are well organised.


Don’t forget the garden. It’s an important additional room. Make it inviting and offer a place to sit so buyers can enjoy what you have on offer.

If you’d like to read more about what Zoopla had to say on this topic, you can find their article, here.

How we can Help You

Our staged homes sell on average within 14 days - this is one of the reasons we are Home Staging Company of the Year 2023-2024. So if you want to sell quickly and potentially for more, please reach out to Ceri on +44 7984 005 626 for a complimentary call so she can show you how we add tangible value to our clients.

If you are looking for inspiration more generally, we can also help with:

  • Property refurbishment

  • Interiors

  • Garden Landscaping

  • Property repairs

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