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If you've suffered or are suffering an infestation from those four legged creatures, read on.

Image: Rentokil

Rentokil, the specialists in pest control have reported that they received double the enquiries about getting rid of mice and rats last winter compared to the prior 3 years. This is because last winter and winters in general are getting warmer which means that rodents are surviving the warmer climate that we are experiencing an

Paul Blackhurst, head of Rentokil Pest Control’s Technical Academy says:

“Last year’s summer was the hottest on record for the Northern Hemisphere and the surge in rodent sightings this winter is a legacy of these conditions as more young rodents survived through to adulthood and were then able to breed almost immediately.
Rain and a drop in temperature cause rats and mice to migrate indoors where there’s more food and shelter with rain falling its likely we’ll continue to record a rise in rodent enquiries as rats are displaced from their burrows."

How Do You Know if Your Home is Infested?

Look out for the following signs:

  • an unusual smell like ammonia

  • small dark droppings

  • greasy marks on walls or skirting boards

  • gnaw marks

You may also hear scratching noises especially at night.

What are the Dangers?

Rodents can spread germs and also damage your property so you should get rid of them quickly. Prevention is always better than cure.

How Can You Get Rid of Rodents?

Here's some useful top tips:

#1 Seal Any External Gaps

Rodents are capable of squeezing through the smallest spaces - in fact they can squeeze through a space the size of a Biro!

Walk around the perimiter of your home and check there are no holes, particularly near pipes and drains. If you find any holes fill them with cement.

#2. Don't Leave Food Lying About

Rodents only need a small amount of food so crumbs are a real treat! Put away food in sealed containers and make sure there are no food droppings on the floors.

#3. Ged Rid of Rubbish

Put all waste in a sealed bag in the household bin and ensure there is a firm lid on it. Once the bin bag is full put in your external bin and again make sure the bin lid is firmly on it.

#4. Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is a great place for rodents to hide. Remove your clutter and move storage away from walls and regularly check these areas.


Rentokil rule out the following alernatives:

  • Cats - Although they may eat rodents, they are not an effective rodent control solution.

  • Anti-mouse plants - Plants such as peppermint, chamomile, lavender, cloves and chillies may deter rodents but they don't keep them away permanently.

And finally to truly get rid of rodents call in the experts.

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