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Interior Design Trends

Whether you intend to stay in your home or move, it's great to keep an eye on interior design trends, without them ruling your every decision.

Real Homes have published their perspective of the top 20 trends so far in 2020. Now we're not suggesting that you should slavishly follow these. In fact quite the opposite. Use these trends to inspire your own design rather than to drive your design - at the end of the day, its your home so style it in such a way it reflects your personality.

We've selected our favourite top 10 from the Real Home's 2020 trends and added our perspective on how you can use these inspirations.

1. Favourite Colour (its our too!) - Blue

This is not really a surprise to us as Blue is the 2020 Colour of the Year. Why not use this on a feature wall or alternatively use this as an accent colour behind your shelving. Blue is such a versatile colour in all its shades. We would however suggest you don't use blue in north facing rooms as this can make the room feel cooler as it has less natural sunlight.

2. Pink

The softer the better. Instead of introducing this as a paint colour why not add this colour through accent pieces such as throws or cushions for a muted style. This stylish throw from Amara would add a sense of luxury to a statement chair or draped over a bed.

Image: Amara

3. Texture

We love texture in all its forms.

There's so many textures wherever you look and in the home you can introduce these everywhere from floors and walls, to furniture and through all your accessories including your plants. Layering textures instantly brings depth and interest to any space. Add instant interest by using various textures in the cushions you choose. Another option is to have plants with different textured leaves grouped together (ideally in odd numbers).

Using different fabrics across your rug, your sofa, your throw, your cushions and your window dressings is a very simple way to add texture.

4. Home Bar / Trolley

No doubt the pandemic has helped increase the popularity of the home bar / trolley. These furniture pieces have become style icons in their own right. Take a look at this one from Shropshire Designs - it's a piece of art in its own right!

Image: Shropshire Designs

5. Sustainable Home Interiors

It's great that we are becoming more conscious about our buying habits, particularly when it comes to interior design.

There's many ways to incorporate sustainable pieces into your home - be this with furniture pieces or be this with accessories.

When buying furniture pieces, always try to look out for those which use the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo.

We love this particular mid-century inspired three drawer chest in Blue from John Lewis which is FSC approved -so very stylish!

Image: John Lewis

6. Animal Prints

Yes you heard us right. Similar to the use of pink, we suggest you add accents of animal prints into your overall design. This can be done thoughtfully in many ways. For example, you could introduce animal prints into your cushions or your throws. Look at this gorgeous throw from Wayfair.

Image: Wayfair

7. Crittal Style Windows, Doors and More

We've always loved this understated design and it's certainly a trend in 2020. They can be used in many ways including the traditional uses of windows and doors. They're also now being used as shower screens, room dividers and even to showcase double doors.

We love this simple shower screen by Victorian Plumbing.

Image: Victorian Plumbing

8. Velvet

The popularity of velvet continues in 2020. It's so very flexible and can be used across the home. Use it in cushions to add some flair. If you want to go bolder, why not buy a statement chair in your favourite colour.

We love this teal velvet sofa from Swyft - it oozes so much style!

Image: Swyft

9. Traditional Prints

Traditional patterns on a light background are making a comeback. If you think this is too much to handle why not inject the style but in a restrained way. For example, you could find a tasteful wall paper and create a statement wall. If this is too much, then you could buy traditionally printed wallpaper or even prints and put them in deep set frames with a mount and hang them on a plain wall. This would really inject a burst of colour and interest without overpowering a room.

Image: House Beautiful

10. Two Toned Kitchens

This has been a favourite kitchen design idea of ours for a number of years now. It's a simple way to visually break up a space and also adds depth and interest. This can be introduced in a number of ways - through the kitchen doors, using different coloured worktops between an island and the remainder of the kitchen. Another way to introduce two tones into the kitchen, is through different textured finishes on the doors. If you're considering a kitchen and concerned that these changes could date, fear not. If you select the bolder colour for the island, the majority of this is in fact hidden by the work top so this really does make an eye catching statement piece.

We also love this kitchen design, which has two colour tones and even textures - the modern deep grey kitchen units offset the beautiful darker toned wooden doors on the floor to ceiling units. The pets also have a special place. Can you see it?

To read more about the 2020 Trends reported by Real Homes, click here.

How sort style and stage can help

We hope you've enjoyed reading this and it helps inspire you. Do you think these trends will continue for the rest of the year? If not, what do you think will be the popular trends as we look back in 2021? As always, we look forward to hearing from you at

If you want to add style to your home but you are not quite sure how to go about it, we can help. We have 20+ years of developing, styling and staging experience and know first hand how to transform any home, small or large into desirable spaces and do so cost effectively. Contact us on to arrange your no obligation discussion with your local styling consultant.

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