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Overseas Property Surge

Since the government revealed plans to relax blanket restrictions on non-essential overseas travel, Rightmove have reported that they've seen more on-line users flocking to their Overseas portal.

Their data analysts saw searches hit an all-time high on Sunday 28th June as the government confirmed that travel to and from certain overseas destinations will be allowed without the need to quarantine. Data shows that searches were 73% up compared with 28 June 2019.

Searches were up as follows, compared to June 2019:

Spain - up 25%

France - up 32%

Portugal - up 24%

Italy - up 17%

What do Rightmove Experts Think?

Rachel Beaton, Rightmove's overseas expert says:

“We’ve seen a gradual resurgence of interest from home-hunters looking for properties abroad since April, but after the government confirmed there will be easing of travel restrictions to certain countries we saw demand for overseas homes rise even further to record-breaking levels.
“We know that activity on Rightmove Overseas is always an inverse response to the British weather – so traffic dips when we have good weather, and then bounces back when the rain comes – and this was exactly what happened in the final weekend of June. This, coupled with the news about fewer restrictions on overseas travel, saw UK home-hunters flock to our site to look at places they could relocate to or buy a holiday home.”

To learn more, read here.

Are you thinking of moving overseas?

If this is you and you have property in the UK which you need to sell to fund this move, it's important that you maximise the value of the sale so you can secure your dream property abroad.

How sort style and stage can help

We can help you achieve the maximum value possible for your UK home with our range of staging services. Our service also means we tackle head on any red flags that will put off your buyers. This way your home will attract the maximum buyers and is likely to sell for more and quickly.

Here's some basic facts about buyer behaviour:

  • Buyers use their emotion to decide whether or not your home is their dream home

  • Buyers make up their minds within seconds when they're looking online whether your home makes their shortlist of preferred properties and they do this based on the images only

  • Buyers make up their minds about whether your home is their dream home within seconds of entering your home

  • Once they're in your home, 80% of buyers can not visualise themselves in your home so will struggle to make that emotional connection

  • In 2019, it took 19 buyer viewings before securing an offer

So how do you address these buyer issues?

Quite simply, with STAGING. Staging your home to sell is the most effective marketing technique available (of course assuming your home is priced right). This will enable the buyer to connect with your home, both on-line and then during the viewing. Staging takes the buyer on a strategic journey and because of this they can visualise themselves living in your home as they go from room to room. Staging also addresses any red flags that will raise concerns for your buyers.

The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland's most recent report provides some fascinating statistics on home staging including from the perspective of an estate agent:

  • 100% agree that home staging makes it easier for a buyer to visualise the property as their future home

  • 66% recommend home staging from the outset of marketing

  • recommend the use of staging on 86% of their properties

  • 94% agree that staging increases the number of viewings

  • 100% agree that professional images will result in more viewings

  • 75% agree that buyers spend longer at staged homes

  • 86% agree that a staged property will sell up to 3 times faster

  • 78% confirm that home staging increases the offer value of the property by up to 10%

  • 84% of properties removed from the market would benefit from staging

To learn more read, here.

For all the above reasons, if you want to maximise your chances of selling and do so quickly, so you can move overseas, we can help. Reach out to us on to arrange your no obligation discussion.

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