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Removals - Viable Approach?

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

On 25 April, estate agents resumed viewings. surveys and marketing in Guernsey. Removals can also take place providing the following guidelines are adhered to:

- there are no cases / suspected cases of Coronavirus in previous 14 days in the affected homes

- all internal doors should remain open (avoid contact with door handles)

- owners will not be present (to avoid congestion)

- items should be packed prior to removal day

- only one member of the removal team should be in the truck, others to travel separately

- a maximum of 5 can attend the property and all removers must adhere to cleanliness rules

- all staff must distance themselves and if a single staff member cannot move an item, mechanical lifting equipment should be “investigated” and if this is not possible, multiple members can lift an item

Do you think these measures are sufficient to safeguard the community and could this be implemented in the rest of the UK? Let us know what you think at

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