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"Second Stepper" Home Prices Soar

Rightmove have reported that 3-4 bedroom, excluding 4 bed detached homes, otherwise known as "Second Stepper" homes are selling at record prices, with the average in August at £291, 618.

Why are Second Stepper Homes So Popular?

Buyers are looking for more space not only to live in but also to accommodate their home working needs, so stepper homes normally allow for both these demands to be met.

The number of sales agreed in August, compared with the same period last year, more than doubled, up by 104%. The second-stepper sector sales levels were up by 55% and for the first-time-buyer sector (two bedrooms or less), sales agreed were up 36%. Tim Bannister, Rightmove’s property data expert, says:

"Increased competition for second-stepper homes has pushed prices to a record ...
Needing more space has always been the most popular reason for moving house, but now there’s a new urgency for extra space to be able to work from home, which means that there are different sets of buyers competing for the same type of property.
At the start of the year a fourth bedroom was very much a luxury for buyers trading up, but it’s now emerging as a must-have for those who are able to take that step.
... buyer demand at an all-time high, those currently looking for their next home are likely to find that only offers close to the asking price will be considered, especially for larger homes.”

Do you Want to Sell Your Second Stepper Home?

If YES, read on.

Although your home is likely to be more popular than ever for the reasons above, the only sure way to increase your chances of selling and for selling for as high a price as possible, is by using the services of a Professional Home Stager - this is the most effective marketing strategy that you can employ.

What is a Professional Home Stager? A professional home stager will present your property in such a way that it draws it buyers and allows the buyers to connect emotionally with your home. This way, they are very much more inclined to put in an offer and you will soon be SOLD!

Does Home Staging Work? Absolutely. Staging takes the buyer on a journey and enables them to build an emotional connection, both on-line and then during the viewing - because of this, buyers visualise themselves living in your home. Not only does staging create that emotional connection, it also addresses any red flags in terms of repairs or maintenance jobs that you've not got round to both inside and outside the home. The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland's report confirms that professional home staging:

  • makes it easier for a buyer to visualise the property as their future home

  • increases the number of viewings

  • results in buyers spending longer at viewings

  • results in a home which will sell up to 3 times faster

  • increases the offers on home up to 10%

Read more here.

Attracting Your Buyer As professional stagers, we've worked on many client projects as well as on our own developments and refurbishments. We've worked through market highs and lows over 20 years. With our vast experience, we understand, first hand, what it takes to stage your home to attract as many buyers as possible. We also know how to do this quickly and cost effectively. We're very proud of each and every staging project we've worked on big or small - take a look at our:

We're certified Home Styling and Staging Professionals and proud members of the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland. In recognition of our high quality services, we were recently shortlisted in the 2020 Home Staging Association UK & Ireland awards in two categories:

We take pride in what we do and we offer a high quality, cost effective solution suited to your specific needs. Reach out to us on +44 7984 005 626 for your 30 minute no obligation discussion on how we can maximise the appeal of your home to your target market #Addingvalue, #HelpYouSell, #Staging, #HomeStaging, #KerbAppeal, #Stagingworks, #Homestagingworks, #PropertyStaging, #Rightmove

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