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Shortlisted for Two Industry Awards!

We're incredibly proud to have been shortlisted in the 2020 Home Staging Association UK & Ireland awards. This is absolutely incredible, particularly given we have been shortlisted for two categories:

  • Best Transformation - Before and After (Vacant Property)

  • Best Virtual Staging

Best Transformation - Before and After (Vacant Property)

Working for developers, we routinely transform empty spaces into desirable homes.

The project we've been shortlisted for is a large, multi-million, 14+ room property which had been for sale for 2 years when we we're approached by the developer. The property was cavernous and buyers did not how to use the spaces.

Our brief was to turn this into a family home. We tackled head on a number of issues including:

- Overgrown garden

- Making the home welcoming and inviting

- Giving clearly purpose to each room

We staged the property so it appealed to its target market and the property is now under offer. Here's a glimpse at what we did - the developer client is now UNDER OFFER:

The estate agent was so thrilled with our staging, they've used it as a feature on their website:

Here's what our client thought of the transformation:

"It has been a pleasure working with you and thank you for turning the staging around so quickly.
​My development was lacking appeal and had been for sale for 2 years - Ceri turned a cold development into a desirable family home. I was very impressed with her professionalism, her swift timescale and the attention to detail is incredible. Her staging has exceeded all my expectations. I will use her services again. I highly recommend Ceri and the services of sort style and stage to anyone in need of property staging."

Dean Louw, Developer

Best Virtual Staging

When Covid hit, our business came to a halt. We quickly adapted our business model by introducing various virtual services. Virtual staging was one of these and it's not only been a life line for our business, it's also allowed us to grow. It's now a well used service for our developer, estate agent and homeowner community.

The project we've been shortlisted for is a beautiful Victorian apartment in London which had incredible bones. The estate agent brief was to transform this empty apartment into a desirable home to attract new tenants.

We chose a modern style to compliment and maximise the use and appeal of the large and elegant rooms. The wow effect has been created in the sitting room with the elegant grand piano. This emphasises the scale of this beautiful room. In the kitchen, we've created a luxurious eat in area - a treat for any meal.

The property was rented within days of our virtual staging.

Since we started offering virtual, we've extended the range of services on offer and as a result seen the demand increase. Virtual services are incredibly versatile and can be used in may different scenarios:

  • new builds

  • transform dated properties such as probates

  • transform part built renovation projects

  • transform spaces which are dated

  • change a room's purpose eg. a kitchen becomes a bathroom or vice versa

  • allow clients to see mocks up of their design options

  • not only do they work internally, they can also be used externally to create additional outdoor living spaces

And more ...

All of this is achievable quickly and cost effectively.

How to Vote for sort style and stage

If you'd like to support us in these awards, click on the two links below and vote for sort style and stage:

Shortlisted for Best (Staging) Transformation:

Shortlisted for Best Virtual Staging:

How sort style and stage can help you

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know what we do a little more. We're here to add value and help with all your staging needs. We look forward to hearing from you at

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