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What Puts Buyers Off?

Putting to one side the obvious things such as a poorly maintained home, what items can put off a potential buyer?

Rated People have analysed almost a million jobs posted on their website and spoked to homeowners and tradespeople up and down the country. They have some surprising results, given the popularity of some design choices which have become staples for many of us over the last few years.

Adrienne Minster, CEO of Rated People says:

"We know from the many completed projects in our community that dark and bold colours can look great, whether they’re used on walls, ceilings, kitchen cupboards or window frames,
But when it comes to selling, it’s a good idea to stay up to date with the features that buyers are looking for because the trends that were adding value just two to three years ago might now be devaluing properties."

Top 15 Design Features that Put Buyer's Off

Here's what Rated People conclude are the top 15 design features that are putting off buyers during 2020.

  • The winner or in fact the looser is rooms painted in dark colours - the key offenders are Dark Blue and Dark Grey, Given that Blue is the paint colour of the year, this seems surprising

  • No bath in a home

  • Dark blue kitchen doors

  • Black taps and shower fittings

  • Dark grey window frames

  • Painted floorboards

  • Wooden double glazing framed windows

  • Original sash windows

  • Dark grey kitchen

  • Patterned floor tiles

  • Tiled floors in living spaces

  • White metro tiles with black grout in bathrooms

  • Open plan layout

Learn more about the Rated People results here.

Are you thinking of Selling?

If YES, do you have any of the design features highlighted above? Don't worry, we can help you maximise your chances of selling and do so quickly so you achieve the highest possible price.


With Professional Staging.


Staging your home is the most effective marketing technique available (assuming your home is priced right).

Staging takes the buyer on a journey which enables them to build an emotional connection with your home, initially on-line and then during the viewing - because of this buyers can visualise themselves living in your home as they go from room to room. Not only does staging create that emotional connection, it also addresses any red flags in terms of repairs or maintenance jobs that you've not got round to - otherwise your buyers or even the surveyor will focus on these.


Staged homes sell for more, typically 8% and more quickly, typically 3 times faster. The investment is low - on average 1-2% of the home value, given the likely return.


Staging is best implemented before you list your home for sale - this way your buyers are seeing it for the first time. However, it also works well for homes that are "sticking" - those that are not attracting viewings or lack any offers. At whichever point you are on your sales journey, staging will ensure that your home stands out for all the right reasons.

Reach out to us on +44 7984 005 626 for your 30 minute no obligation discussion

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