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If your property is dated in many areas and is failing to meet the expectations of modern buyers and renters, or you're wondering how to transform your property into your forever home, a full house refurbishment is the answer. We can work with you to not only identify which areas of your home require refurbishment; we can also advise as to which areas will deliver the best return on your investment. Targeting your refurbishment to specific areas in your house will help to control your  costs and ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved.

You may have a property which requires a partial upgrade.  We can help with that too.


Every project that we help with is given the care and attention that it deserves – we treat it like it was our own precious home.


We will take care of every aspect of your house refurbishment from the initial planning and building to the staging at the end of the project. Our previous property refurbishment projects include house refurbishments in the Thames Valley and beyond.

Before and Afters

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