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The Courtyard


Home Staging



3 Days

Initial Valuation



Less than 0.25% of property value



Our client had designed and built this incredibly property, which had a contemporary and upside down living design.  The property was large and it was unclear how many of the rooms should be used.

We advised our client to create a studio retreat in one of the lower ground rooms as it had no natural light, to create a home office in the lower ground room with natural light and transform the property inside and out with our staging services.  Prior to us being contacted, the property had sat on the market for 2 years.  We worked with a number of the larger furniture pieces that the client had and staged the property throughout, inside and out.

Property SOLD!

2020-07-11 18.42.32-1 copy.JPG


It has been a pleasure working with you and thank you for turning the staging around so quickly.

My development was lacking appeal and has been for sale for 2 years - Ceri turned a cold development into a desirable family home.


I was very impressed with her professionalism, her swift timescale and the attention to detail is incredible. Her staging has exceeded all my expectations.


I will use her services again. I highly recommend Ceri and the services of sort style and stage to anyone in need of property staging.

Dean Louw, Developer

Whatever transformation you are seeking, we are here to help.  No job is too big or small!

Let's have an initial 30 minute complimentary call so we can listen to what you need and we'll come up with workable design solutions, without breaking the bank!

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