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Top Tips

Welcome to our sharing space - there's lots of inspirational ideas below to help you add value to your home or investment.

Top Tips

Here we share lots of great tips on how to add value to your home or investment. 


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Home Electronics

Virtual Home Staging Consultation

Let's work safely around

Covid-19 so you have a head start once the housing 

market picks up

Leasing a Home


Why empty developments       are difficult to sell


Case Study #1

Home owner struggling to sell - our home staging added 10% to their sale price and property sold in 14 days

Bouquet of Flowers

Bad Smells

Why bad smells put off buyers and what to do about them

Escape Room Items


Staging checklist

Hallway_feature wall.PNG

Adding Value - Hallways

Draw your buyers in so they connect with your home   

Gardening Equipment

How to add 20% to YOUR Home's Value

Use our simple steps to add 20% to your home's value

Gravel Driveway

Creating Kerb Appeal

Our top tips to creating kerb appeal

Empty Room


        Why empty homes are        difficult to sell

Vintage Home Decor

Why Stage your Home?

Here's 5 reasons why home staging will help you sell


Why Professional Photos Increase Buyer Interest

Why professional photos will help you sell


Case Study #2

How our home staging service added £50k to developer's property value 

Cleaning Products


Top cleaning tips