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Mantle Place, Bagshot




Garden Maintenance

Virtual Staging


5 Days 

Initial Valuation



Less than 0.05%



Price undisclosed

Our client, who lives abroad. contacted us as she had been struggling to sell her Surrey rental property (which was previously her family home) although she wanted to achieve the highest return possible.


Unfortunately, which is very typical for rental properties, the images taken did not present the property in the best light.  Viewings were undertaken while the tenant was living in the property.  Buyers were struggling to see the potential of the property during viewings due to the volume of possessions on display.  After unsuccessfully trying to sell the property, the client contacted us for help.

We had a call with our client to understand her goals and confirmed that the best time for us to visit and assess the property was once the tenant had vacated.  Once the tenant vacated, we collected the keys from the rental agent and visited the property to assess what needed to be done.  As the property was now vacant, it was possible to see the true potential of the property - although it was set in a great plot and spacious internally it is dated and also needs immediate repairs before re-launching the property for sale.  During this consultation, it was also obvious that a ground floor room, accessed from the main hallway and dining room had the possibility of becoming a fourth bedroom, providing an additional door or wall was added.  At the moment, this room feels like a corridor as there is no door from the hallway.

Following the consultation, we produced our detailed report and sent it to our client setting out what we thought needed to be done to add value and increase appeal.  We had a video call with our client and took them through this report. 


We agreed a two step approach:

Step One

- garden maintenance (the garden had been neglected)

- repairs eg. replace broken toilet seat, replace faulty window unit, repair old damp patches and stained windowsills

- to virtually stage a number of key rooms - kitchen, bathroom, living, dining, the new 4th bedroom and primary bedroom

- property would be put on the market to test out potential buyer interest

The reason we recommended virtual rather than physical staging, is to attract as much interest online as possible because we know this turns into viewings - virtual staging offers a high quality, cost effective solution.

Take a look below at the before and afters - what a transformation!  This property has been launched for sale with our colleague, Liani Mannifield at Keller Williams.   There has been lots of interest all ready and this is due to the virtual images.

Step Two

As a second step, in the event the property does not sell quickly, our client has agreed to consider refurbishing the property, to include the kitchen, bathroom, removal of fixed wardrobes in primary, plaster ceilings, décor and new flooring.  


"We had struggled to sell our home which had been a long term rental.
We are based abroad so needed someone we could trust.
Ceri provided a detailed report on what we needed to be done to make our property attract more buyers.
We knew then we were in safe hands. Ceri's team made essential repairs, tidied up the garden (front and back) and then they created fabulous virtual images even showing buyers how to create a new kitchen and bathroom.
Our property has now been relaunched for sale and our estate agent has shown us the positive impact on the viewing levels.
We'd highly recommend their services. "


S, Sayers

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