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Virtual Open Plan, Hitchin

final 2_1.JPG


Virtual Staging


3 Days

Initial Valuation

Not relevant as this is a forever home


Less than 0.001% of property value


Client is implementing virtual design physically

Our Hitchin client is one of our long term clients - we've become their trusted advisor whenever they have a project in mind.  

On new builds, thousands of decisions are required throughout the lifetime of the project.  It is very common for clients to be overwhelmed with all the decisions required.  Clients can also easily be confused and may struggle to visualise the vision of their architect.  In reality, though decisions need to be made early on, for example, where is the TV going, where is the sink going, should I use this space as a living or dining area?

Our clients were struggling to visualise how their expansive open plan area can be used.  The They intend for this open plan to have a kitchen zone, a living zone and a dining zone and wanted to know how best to lay this out before they moved any further with key construction decisions such as electrics and plumbing.  Our clients want a modern design.

We recommended to our client to virtually renovate the spaces so they can get a very real perspective of the best way of  using the spaces.  What does that mean?  We visited our client's incredible build, took photos from relevant angles and then used these to transform the build into a desirable home.  The challenges we had:

- large overall footprint so we wanted to create distinct zones with a welcoming, yet cosy feel

- limited wall areas for a TV

Given there was a middle zone, it made sense for this to become the hub of the home and we located the kitchen here.  Its fully functioning as you can see from the image with sink and island!  From this point, the client then has access to the living area on the top left.  Given our clients wanted a TV to be installed somewhere and given the limited wall space in this large open space, we've created a feature wall.  This not only houses the TV, it also has lots of storage with lower wall hung cabinets and open plan shelving too.  We've added interest with a wood panel surrounding the TV.  On the right hand side of the kitchen, we've added a round dining table to not only soften the angular shape of this area but because it's makes eating a more convivial experience.

Although not a client request, on a complimentary basis, we've also virtually renovated the exterior, so the client can see the potential on offer in their garden.

Our client now fully understands how the spaces can be used and is now moving forward with executing what we set out virtually.

Images like these help everyone, including builders, electricians, plumbers to understand the desired result so key components aren't missed or need changing down the line.  This saves on time and money!

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