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Royston Place, Harrow


Virtual Staging


5 Days

Initial Valuation

Not disclosed


Less than 0.001% of property value


Used in marketing collateral

Our  Harrow based client had a large garden but access was restricted and difficult given that they had previously installed a conservatory at the foot of the rear garden.  Our client asked us to look at an alternative garden design which would allow the exterior to be better used.  We virtually renovated the garden space to show them the potential on offer.  The benefit of this approach, is that it shows a visual representation of how a space can be used, without the cost associated with physically landscaping the garden.  

We virtually:

- removed the conservatory

- pushed back the garden to create a tiled entertaining area for relaxing, eating and cooking immediately at the rear of the home

- supported the upper level with the addition of a wall and steps​, which was planted out

- added new fencing

It is obvious from the virtual image that the rear garden has a lot of potential and as the client wanted to sell, they were able to use this image in their marketing collateral.  Our client subsequently changed their mind and withdrew their home from selling.

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