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2021 Bathroom Trends

Do you have any idea what the 2021 trends for bathrooms are?

Homes and Gardens have shared their top 15 bathroom trends for 2021. Below we've selected our top 5 favourites and given these our own interpretation. Use these ideas to inspire your own bathroom havens.

5 Inspirational Bathroom Ideas for 2021

1. Blended Schemes

2021 will revolve around bringing the outside in, otherwise known as biophilia. So what is biophlia? Biophilia means:

love of life

This is our increasing desire to connect with other forms of life such as animals and plants. Homes and Gardens believe the trend will translate itself into the bathroom through the use of intricate murals and also fusing vintage with modern designs to create amazing bathrooms.

Here's our take on biophlia - what do you think?

Why not adorn one wall with a beautiful landscaped paper design such as this one. It certainly brings nature into the bathroom.

Image: Photowall

Alternatively, how about embracing natural elements and integrating them into your design. Not only has greenery been included in this design, the wood grain effect tiles certainly bring in the outside and create warmth against the stone tiles.

Image: 2020

2. Luxurious Cleansing

Building on the biophilic concept, there's no need to forget luxury when designing a bathroom. How? Using materials that emulate the outdoors which don't skimp on providing you with a luxury experience eg. waterfall shower. The example waterfall shower sold by Livinghouse below is available in gold! Learn more here.

Image: Livinghouse

  3. Cocoon Room

This is the concept of creating a wellbeing oasis, away from the strains and stresses of every day life. This feel can be achieved in a number of ways - through luxurious fittings or even scented candles.

Yousef Mansuri, head of design, C P Hart says:

"We call this trend “cocooning” because it’s a way for people to wrap themselves in comfort and a quiet sense of luxury."

This incredibly beautiful bath by Cocoon looks inviting. Learn more here.

Image: Cocoon

4. Marble Marble has been a staple in luxe bathrooms for many years and this trend will continue into 2021 and beyond. It is a beautiful natural material with each piece being unique.

Image: 1508 London

5. Washbasins

Sinks are an opportunity to merge functionality with aesthetics. Rather than sticking with the conservative ceramic, in 2021, the popularity of other materials such as glass, concrete, pressurised surfaces and mineral cast basin is expected to increase. This stylish marble washbasin by Tikamoon certainly impresses particularly as it's priced so competitively at £89.00. Learn more here.

Image: Tikamoon

To learn more about Homes and Gardens 2021 bathroom trends, click here.

Planning Your Bathroom?

We hope you've enjoyed learning about some of the bathroom trends for 2021 and how we've interpreted these. At sort style and stage we're passionate about anything house and home so always looking to share inspiration and insight with you.

Ceri Owen, our founder says:

"With over 20 years of development and refurbishment experience, we love helping all our clients achieve their goals. If you want to achieve your dream bathroom cost effectively reach out to us."

Contact us now on to arrange your complimentary 30 minute call with one of our interior experts.

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