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Adding Value - Cloakroom

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

The cloakroom is often an afterthought but can be a great area to add interest to your home. Whatever the size, staging can make it stand out from the crowd – be bold, even if you have a small space.

The cloakroom is an ideal room to start your staging journey.

As for any space in the home, you need to look at the room objectively and one way to do this is to take several photos – you’ll then know where to start!

Enjoy our 17 ways to add value and interest to your cloakroom - which ones are relevant for your home?

Maximise space

#1 Large items can make this room feel cramped so make sure that any furniture is the right size for the room. If not, remove it.

#2 Create storage in any unused areas, either open plan for display items or build in simple cupboards with doors – this is a sure way to maximise storage and add value.

#3 If you normally store coats and shoes in here, keep this to a minimum and on viewing days, remove them.

#4 Buyers do not want to see traces of your daily life so put away cleaning items, spare toilet rolls, newspapers, books or magazines. This needs to be a calm space.

Fixtures & Fittings

#5 Make sure your suite is immaculately clean and in good order. If not, repair or replace as buyers do expect fixtures and fittings to be well looked after. If your taps are looking shabby, use limescale cleaner to bring them back to life!

#6 Make sure that all grout and silicone sealants are clean and well fixed. If not, for grout start off by cleaning it (there’s even professional firms that do this for you) and ultimately re-grout if that fails.

There’s also grout whitening products that you can buy. Replace any silicone which cannot be cleaned or is loose.

#7 If you have a window which looks onto an eyesore, address it. There are Image:

various ways of doing this including

double roller blinds, day/night blinds, vista blinds, vertical blinds. Privacy film is a great alternative.


#8 If you have any traditional features such as dado rails, coving, ceiling roses, original tile flooring, stained windows, panelling, make these the star of the room (buyers love these). Crisp new paint or stain on these will add an instant impact.

#9 If you don’t have any features introduce one. For example, create a feature wall using a bold patterned wallpaper or deep paint colour. This adds drama and will give buyers something to talk about.

Brighten Up

#10 Add wallpaper to one or more wall with a sheen finish - this bounces light around the space and adds interest.

#11 Add one or more mirror to bounce light, this will also make the space appear bigger. A wall of mirrors behind the toilet can be a great way to add depth and interest.

#12 Ensure your paintwork is in good order. If not, give this space a new coat of paint. This is one of the quickest ways to freshen up any room not just this space.

#13 One of the best ways of adding instant impact to this space is using simple accessories such as greenery (if you have a window) and artwork.


#14 Buy new towels in a bright co-ordinating colour and use these exclusively for buyer viewings only - this way they keep they will remain new and fluffy. These are an instant way to brighten up this space.

#15 Add designer toiletries and again use them only for buyer viewings (or at least top up any liquids you have). There's so many natural and nice smelling products available these days.

#16 Replace your light fitting if its dated. There’s a huge selection available. For inspiration look here.


#17 If this is dated, check out what’s underneath – there may be tiles which can be brought back to life. If not, use this opportunity to add interest with a bold patterned floor. There’s a huge range of materials which include porcelain or ceramic tiles, vinyl, natural stone, wood (engineered or laminate). You can even choose a dramatic floor providing this becomes the focus of the room. Again it adds interest for the buyer.

Even with Covid-19 upon us there’s still plenty you can do. As a minimum, start planning and researching now. If you can do more, even better. Whatever you can do, this gives you a head start when the housing market picks up again (which it will).

If you’re unable to get started, don’t hesitate to reach out – we can help you with our virtual home staging consultation on

Let us know which ideas you've implemented and send your photos to

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