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Looking Back and Moving Forward

twentyea are experts who provide market data on the UK home mover market.

They have taken stock on the impact of Covid-19 on the housing market. In short, their analysis shows that the majority of households who had intended to sell then Covid-19 was upon us, refrained from listing their properties, however those already involved in a sale continued and did so in great numbers.

Covid-19 Impact on Housing Sector

Covid-19, hit the housing market significantly:

  • 285,000 new instructions lost

  • 238,000 sales agreed lost

  • 59,000 exchanges lost

Covid Impact on Exchanges

We're focusing our attention on the consequences on exchange levels just before and after lockdown was lifted. The information shared by Twentyea indicates that although there was a significant decline in exchange levels, this did not last that long and consequently the impact was far less than was anticipated. Their expectation is that the volume of exchanges should have been at the level of approximately 365,000 had the pandemic not occurred. The reality, is that exchange levels were at 306,000, equal to a 16% drop for the short duration shown below.

Source: twentyea

To learn more insight from twentyea, click here.

What are your Moving Plans?

Are you one of the households that put your moving plans on hold when Covid-19 hit? Are you now thinking of selling? Has being stuck in your home created the desire to have a different type of home and / or has the Stamp Duty holiday given you that impetus to move?

If your answer is YES, then ...

Do you want to maximise your chances of selling, sell as quickly as possible and achieve the highest possible price?

If your answer is YES, then ...


Maximising Your Chances of Selling

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyers for a moment. Home buying is an emotional investment. To attract your buyer, you need to create a home which is going to trigger the emotional connection in your buyer's mind. Our home staging service does just that. Our client's properties sell for more and quickly because:

1. We address head on any Red Flags

Have you addressed all those maintenance and / or repair jobs? If not, your buyers will notice and fixate on these. If you don't address these red flags now, they will either trip you up (excuse the pun) during viewings or later on at the survey stage.

2. We know Your Local Market

It's no good putting your head in the sand and ignoring what your direct competitors are doing with their homes. We fully research your local market so we know up front what needs to be done to give your home the head start on the competition.

3. We understand the dynamics of the Housing Market

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the housing market and use this insight to the advantage to benefit our own developments and those of our clients.

4. We understand General Buyer Behaviour

Having sold and bought many properties from entry level through to executive family homes, we understand first hand buyer behaviour and use this to benefit you.

5. We Stage your Home Beautifully (Inside and Out)

We use cost effective targeted solutions in our staging to make sure that your home becomes the dream home for your buyers. We also work quickly to get this done ensuring high quality throughout with our tailored, personal service.

Don't hesitate any further. If you want to maximise your chances of selling, reach out to us at to book your free no-obligation appointment.

We can't wait to hear from you

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