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Making the Most of Your Garden

Spending time outdoors, particularly in your garden is an incredible way of improving both your mental and physical wellbeing.

Sarah Squire, Chairman of Squire's Garden Centres says:

“Garden habits have changed, with people gardening more and trying new things, whether that is planting vegetables for the first time, growing new varieties of plants, or getting round to doing jobs in the garden. In an uncertain world gardening makes us feel grounded and in tune with nature – flowers will always bloom in spring and trees will always shed their leaves in autumn. People are craving ‘normality’ and gardening with the seasons gives us that. It is a great form of exercise too and gets you outside in the fresh air. Gardening gives you space to think and clear your mind. It is so therapeutic to nurture plants and see them grow. I defy anyone not to feel relaxed and let the cares of the day slide away in the garden.”

Squire’s Garden Centres recently undertook a survey and unsurprisingly 93% of people questioned said that gardening was a 'lifesaver' during the first lockdown. To learn more click here.

Here's some other interesting results from the Squire's Garden Centre survey:

  • 78% of those surveyed said that gardening gave them a sense of achievement

  • 75% felt calm and relaxed

  • 66% stated that gardening makes them feel happy

As we're presently in a second lockdown, being in the garden will certainly improve your all round wellbeing - particularly given the fair weather we've had so far (at least in some parts of the country).

Here's 4 simple ways to enjoy your garden (even at this time of year).

1. Mood Booster

Even though the weather has cooled, put on a jacket and go outside into your garden. If you're not up to doing any gardening (more on that later), just absorb yourself in the moment - enjoy the fresh air. This will do wonders for your mood.

2. Add Some Heat

If you'd like to make more use of your garden but you feel it's too cold, think again. Why not invest in a fire pit, fire chimney or other heat source. They come in all shapes and sizes and designs. Take a look at some of these insipriations ...

This particular version from store is designed as a globe and is priced at £299. Learn more here.

Image: store

And how about this disk design by crocus - this version is priced at £144.49.

Image: crocus

There's also a wide range of chimnea's available. How about this one from priced at £169?


There's a host of other choices too - patio heaters, such as this propane gas version from Funout, priced at £215.99. Learn more here.

Image: Funout

There's even a plug in option - a halogen lamp. This amazingly stylish example is sold by ideas for lighting at £499. Learn more here.

3. Get Planting

Your garden may be looking a little bleak. There's so many options here to choose from.

If you are drawn to flowers - why not add some violas, pansies and cyclamen to create instant colour.

If you are interested in herbs - now is a great time to plant those hardy herbs such as thyme, parsley or sage. Imagine the joy they will bring when you take cuttings and use in your Christmas lunch! They'll be a talking point too!

Vegetables - now some of you may dread the thought of taking up growing vegetables. However, Squire's recent survey highlighted that 59% of those surveyed planted vegetables. All you need for growing winter vegetables, is some space, some time and a little patience. Easy to grow vegetables at this time of year include cabbage, kale, onions, Brussel sprouts, broad beans and peas.

4. Tidy Up

Clear away the cobwebs and treat your outdoor room like your indoor rooms. Remove the leaves and for more ideas on that, look here. Prune back your plants to encourage growth in the spring. Put those unwanted toys and any other items in the shed before the frost truly sets in. Bring in delicate plants such as oranges and lemons or make sure they are well protected if you need to keep them out.

Brush down those paths and make sure they are free from objects which could trip you up and jet wash your patio or decking so they don't become slip hazards.

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