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What is the Homemover Wave?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

As you know at sort style and stage, we absolutely love everything house and home. We also love data and how this evidences what's happening in the housing market. 2020 has clearly been unprecedent in many ways and as result, the data is more interesting than usual. Today, we're sharing insight on home mover activity, specifically the Homemover Wave.

TwentyEA, property marketing specialists, have published their Property and Home Mover Report. Of interest, is their Homemover Wave. This tracks home movers, as they make their journey through the buying or renting process. It also identifies what priorities these home movers will have in terms of services they will be actively needing following their move. The consequential impact, as a result of the home move, is beneficial for many other sectors - ranging from furniture, tech, toys and so on.

For Q3, 2020, this confirms, unsurprisingly, that post lockdown, there has been an unparalleled surge in the “Want to Move” and “Moving Soon” categories.

Q3, 2020 Homemover Wave

Source: Twentyea

To learn more, read here.

What's Next?

Do you think this trend will continue? We certainly do.

The pandemic has increased the appetite for households to live in a home which has a garden or access to green spaces and also allows home working. Although a vaccine will undoubtedly transform the way we move forward, it is inevitable, that we will continue to favour homes with green spaces and will need the ability to work from home, even on a part time basis.

If you are thinking of selling, here's some ways to achieve those two key goals so your buyers or tenants are drawn to your property, over the competition:

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