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What is Virtual Staging & Virtual Home Staging?

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

We're going behind the scenes to explain what virtual staging is about and the value that this brings.

Virtual staging is about digitally adding furniture and accessories to your property photographs so it brings a room to life. It's a very cost effective and swift way of transforming any space within a home or development.

Buyer Attention Span

Since Covid-19 our world has completely changed - all buyers are searching on-line for their future home or investment. Buyers make up their minds quickly, within seconds, whether or not to shortlist a property to view.

What Draws Buyer Attention?

High quality images, it's that simple. 70% of of buyers judge a home by its photos only! So if they have a choice between an empty or dated property versus one with high quality images, the high quality images will always win over the buyer.

What about the Quality?

With everything in life, you will normally be faced with low quality right through to high quality products. This is the same for virtual staging.

Poorly created virtual images will raise many questions for buyers and as a result will put doubt in their mind; the buyer will move onto the next property.

Our approach to Virtual Staging

At sort style and stage we recognise the value that virtual staging brings so we've collaborated with an award winning virtual stager. Quality is assured. Read more here.

Whatever your property needs, let us help transform your spaces with our high quality virtual staging service.

If you want to grab buyer attention, please provide your high quality images to us on

Here's some recent examples of our high quality work.

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